Bejeweled Peacock For Wish Fulfillment

24apr1The Bejeweled Peacock Brooch includes a grand Peacock which is celebrated internationally for its splendid and brilliant plumage and is accepted to be the natural appearance of the magnificent Phoenix, the ruler of fowls – an image of magnificence, success, sovereignty, love, virtue and peace. The lovely peacock is delineated with its radiant multi-toned tail fanned out in full eminence and shocking example as ‘thousand eyes’ on its tail, which are believed to be able actuate fame luck, abundance and at the same time accord protection against dangers.

With their capacity to take off and hover over the trees and among the mists, winged animals move the envy of man and it’s nothing unexpected that they have moved toward becoming images of flexibility, bliss, new openings and conveyor of uplifting news. Cherished for their lovely, splendid plumage and sweet tunes, winged creatures are likewise respected for their confidence and devotion the same number of flying creatures frame tight adoring bonds and mate forever. Therefore, they are additionally used to symbolize love and duty, good fortunes and wealth.

The Peacock, favored with splendid and vivid plumage, is said to be the natural indication of the grand Phoenix, the ruler of fowls. Known for its magnificence and effortlessness and hallowed to numerous societies including the Indians and Chinese, it is an image of excellence, thriving, sovereignty, love, immaculateness and peace. The thousand eyes on its tail are additionally accepted to actuate popularity fortunes and shield you from perils. Since peacocks are unadulterated on a basic level, steadfast and dedicated to their accomplices, they additionally symbolize unceasing affection.

Exquisitely created, the Bejeweled Wish-Fulfilling Elegant Peacock has a mystery compartment held together with attractive catches which can go about as a desire satisfying box. Put on paper your mystery wishes and keep it in the shrouded compartment to improve your odds for them to emerge.

Show the Bejeweled Wish-Fulfilling Peacock in your home or office to appreciate every one of the endowments related with the heavenly Peacock – cherish, peace, openings, happiness, achievement and thriving. Other than being an impressive masterpiece and delightful collectible, you can likewise astonish your friends and family with this dazzling and significant blessing.

Feng Shui Crystal Glass Pyramid For Spiritual Healing

12apr3In Hindu mythology, Jambhala is known as Kubera. Jambhala is also believed to be an emanation of Avalokitesvara or Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. There are five different wealth Jambhalas; each has his own practice and mantra to help eliminate poverty and create financial stability.In the Tibetan Buddhism, Jambhala is the wealth-giving form of the Bodhisattva of Compassion sent to help human beings by eliminating poverty, so that one may focus on the path of spirituality more effectively. Over time there evolved not one but five wealth Jambhalas, each with his own mantra and practice to help eradicate poverty and create financial stability. The more well-known Yellow Jambhala is believed to be the manifestation of Buddha Ratnasambhava who represents richness.

As per Tibetan Buddhism, Jambhala is known as the wealth-giving avatar of the Bodhisattva of Compassion which helps granting riches and remover of poverty, so that one can focus on the path of spirituality properly. Ideal Placement of the Kubera idol is facing outside towards the main entrance of the home / office to attract financial luck and for protection.

Keep and display the Tibetan Jambhala Wealth God in your living room, main hall or offices facing the entrance to enjoy the blessings of wealth luck and protection associated with this powerful and auspicious ancient symbol.

All forms of Jambhala bestow wealth but they do so in different fashion. Each also provides other gifts and blessings. Yellow Jambhala is particularly beloved.

* Black Jambhala, Chief of the five Jam bhalas, is believed to be a path of Kubera, Lord of Wealth. Black Jambhala eliminates illness, resentment, rage, and criminal inclinations. He is a wrathful form of Jambhala depicted standing, surrounded by a ring of fire. His additional attribute is a cup formed from a skull.

* Green Jambhala bring success and victory in all matters. He helps overcome jealousy, envy, and has the power to stop bad omens from coming true.

* Red Jambhala sometimes appears with an elephant’s head. Red Jambhala is recommended for those already in possession of wealth and status. He helps keep business and finances healthy and assists in making advantageous contacts, contracts, and arrangements; he also helps overcome greed and attachment to the tangible and intangible benefits of wealth.

* White Jambhala is considered an emanation of Avalokiteshvara, born from the Bodhisattva’s right eye. White Jambhala may also be identified with White Tara. White Jambhala rides a turquoise dragon. His additional attribute is a bar of gold.

* Yellow Jambhala, the most beloved Jambhala, known as the “Wealth Buddha,” blesses people with prosperity and abundance so that they are free from material concerns and may focus on spirituality instead.

Benefits Of Ashoka Stambh Pillar

6mar1The Ashoka pillar has four lions sitting on a circular platform carved with four small animal figures – an elephant, a bull, a horse and a lion. Wheels known as Ashoka Chakra or Dharma Chakras or wheels of justice separate the animals. The platform rests on an inverted lotus flower. The four lions are considered to be symbols of power, bravery, enlightenment and success, while the four animals symbolize four directions. The Dharma chakra, which symbolizes the victory of honesty, has twenty-four spokes symbolizing the hours in a day. The Ashoka Pillar is a small metallic miniature which, if kept on the working table by a Politician or businessman, can earn him tremendous name, fame and popularity. It even favors government promotions, grants and recognition in the world.

In Vastu, Ashoka pillar is a wonderful product for improving your relationship with business partners. With the use of this powerful remedy, one can get prestigious posts in the government sector. Ashok Stambh benefits those whose work is slow due to the lethargic system of government. Ashok Stambh also helps in getting government contracts for future help.

It has been proved that with the use of this powerful remedy, newly elected members of parliament were able to get prestigious posts in the central government in spite of their young age and inexperience. This remedy also benefits those, whose work or progress is slow due to the sluggish working of a government organisation. The Ashoka Pillar also helps in procuring government contracts.

Benefits Of  Ashoka Stambh Pillar:

  • Ashok Stambh is used to get Job promotion
  • You will get guaranteed government support by installing this Ashok Stambh
  • Ashok Stambh is a symbol of victory
  • Ashok Stambh is used to get name and fame
  • Getting favours from Government Officers
  • Do not place the Ashoka Stambh or Pillar anywhere between the South Zones and South-East zones of the Office building; this will end up with conflicts with Government departments, prosecution and allegation.
  • This Vastu item provides Government support and help with all official communication.

Feng Shui Chi Lin

Feng Shui Chi LinThe Chi Lin is a heavenly creature with a wonderful combination of a Dragon head and a horse body to produce a harmonized mixture of excellent qualities between the two auspicious animals. It has a more royal status compared to the other guardians. They are simply charming. Chi Lin blows cosmic chi because of its Dragon head to benefit surrounding Feng Shui.

The Chi Lin is loyal to its owner and easier to tame like a lovely horse. Its energy represent strength, great ambitions, good competing spirits, great health, perseverance and fame. Besides, it also has the scales of a carp to bring prosperity and abundance. The patterns on its back were used to derive the earlier heaven bagua, an ultimate symbol in the study of Feng Shui.Chi Lin produces wonderful results to enhance family prosperity, career luck, longevity and excellent health health, wealth luck and family luck.

Benefits Of Feng Shui Chi Lin :

  • Place A pair of Chi Lin in office premises, homes and mansions, facing out. The male Chi Lin holding a globe signifies important network outside and the female Chi Lin holding a child signifies protection of the household inside. Like Fu Dogs, they provide ultimate protection, wards off evil spirits and harmful people, nourishes chi that enters homes, bring in happy blessings and dissolves bad chi from neighbourly formations.
  • Place a pair of Chi Lin at the door front on either sides if the door is facing the lift, stairs or escalator to dissolve rushing bad chi. They can be placed on floor level or raised to higher level.
  • Chi Lin is the best cure for annual three killings (which brings robbery, fightings, disharmony and lawsuits) if important sectors of your house like main door, living room and bedrooms are facing or located here.
  • Place Feng Shui Chi Lin in the east sector and its head facing maindoor, it can also protect family members from harm and danger when they are outdoor. Chi Lin brings you many happy blessings to your family.
  • Place Chi Lin in the southeast of your living room or dining and your business premise, you will enjoy tremendous wealth luck constantly coming your way.
  • Place the Chi Lin on your workdesk facing out to bring good luck and ward off harmful people and politics. You may also place it near your reception and important areas of your shop, facing out.

Feng Shui Pair of Pi Yao or Pi Xiu

7feb3The Pi Yao is probably one of the most popular Feng Shui items in the market. Its supremacy second only to the Dragon, this heavenly creature (also known as Pi Kan in its sea form or Pi Xiu in its earthly form) is considered by Feng Shui pratitioners to both a powerful for For Wealth Protection and Enhancement. Resembling a winged lion, it is particularly influential and auspicious in creating and maintaining wealth. This stems from the story of Pi Yao having violated a law of heaven and was punished by being restricted to a diet of only god and silver, with no means of expelling as its anus was sealed. This translates symbolically to wealth coming in and none going out. Talk about gaining from the suffering of others.

The Pi Yao is one the most popular symbols used in Feng Shui and recommended by virtually all Feng Shui Masters. It is the ninth son of the Heavenly Dragon and has different names as shown above. Pi Yao lives in the heaven and they are best shown sitting on Chinese coins to signify your fortune being protected, making it a powerful wealth and luck enhancer.

Benefits Of Feng Shui Pair of Pi Yao or Pi Xiu :

  • Place Pi Yao is widely in offices, as well as homes as a good luck and abundance cure. For this purpose, it is best to display a pair of Pi Yao (Pi Xiu).
  • You can place them in your money area, your lucky direction for wealth, or simply in a prominent area of your living room.
  • Do not place the Pi Yao symbol in the bathroom or in the kitchen.
  • Place Pi Yao in home which Conducts good luck and fortune, If you have recently moved house or have renovated your current home, you should make use of a Feng Shui Pi Yao statuette to ensure only good luck comes your way. For the best effect, keep this good luck charm in your living room or main hall.
  • Place Pi Yao in offices, as well as homes ,people with bad intentions and bad luck, and to replace it all with good fortune, you should either keep this good luck charm on you or beside you as much as possible.

Benefits Of Feng Shui Golden Eagle

31jan2The Eagle is an ancient Feng Shui emblem for the bearer of good news and victorious flights .This is depicted by the way the Eagle’s wings spread far and wide. This majestic animal is a manifestation of essential characteristics required by those seeking business success and financial stability, confidence, command, foresight and the ability to soar towards ones ambitions. As the king of the sky, it symbolizes freedom, strength, courage and far-sightedness.

In feng shui symbol of the eagle symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, freedom and power. This majestic bird symbolizes the path of enlightenment and education. It marks a stage in the development and disclosure of spiritual forces, affects the clarity of thought. Eagle powerful bird of prey, the area of its distribution is almost the whole world. Their strong beaks, paws with sharp claws, and their flying skills, allow them to be among the most dangerous and fastest predators. The magnificent appearance of this statue depicting an eagle spreading its powerful wings symbolizes strength, courage and freedom, and would grace a home or office with its beauty and majestic symbolism.

Benefits Of Feng Shui Golden Eagle :

  • Place golden eagle figurine in your office desk or in the South corner to enhance your fame, recognition and popularity luck based on Feng Shui Bagua formula. It also said to help you develop confidence and professional partnership that lift your career to new heights.
  • Place Feng Shui Golden Eagle your door it may opens to many opportunities and protects against harmful alliances.
  • If you are concerned about your company, home, or business place Eagles.
  • Placed at the entrance to your home or business, an eagle will offer great protection to all who enter there by keeping a watchful eye over the premises.
  • This is a good choice of symbol Feng Shui Eagle to use atop entrances on gates or anywhere .
  • The eagle can keep an eye on the house.
  • Place feng shui egle  powerful and attractive figurine on your desk at work or in the South corner to improve your chances of achieving intensified popularity luck and recognition of your efforts.

Vastu Surya Sun God Crystal Pyramid for Positive Energy

19jan2This beautiful crystal pyramid from Aaradhi collection by Divya Mantra is much sought after Vaastu remedy in Houses. The pyramid known for its geometric balance with 3 or more triangles reaching upwards to meet at the “apex” is always used in ancient feng shui and vaastu science to remedy the negative influences and impact of wrongly placed doors and windows. Use the balancing Surya Sun God pyramid to neutralize the dark forces and negative energies and bring in warmth, harmony, peace and prosperity in your homes. The ideal placement of this pyramid determines the benefits it can bring to you.

Key Features –

  • This Feng Shui Surya lucky pyramid is made of glass which is used to heal the entire body to increase physical, mental and intellectual powers of humans. This feng shui pyramid is ideal to fight and correct Vastu Dosh or defects at homes and workplaces and can also be used as paper weight.
  • According to Vastu Shashtra, the sharp pointed corners in this sacred pyramid helps to manage the lives of people and develop a positive relationship among family members.
  • This triangular pyramid catches & accumulates the universal energy, renders good health and neutralizes the dark forces & negative energies. This pyramid with sharp pointed top crown broadening downwards has cleansing effects to ward off evil, ill-luck, brings positive ambiance to dwellings and makes you to be more energetic.
  • Dimensions of the showpiece are: 5 cm X 5 cm X 5 cm and weighs approximately 85 grams
  • Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.

Benefits Of Sarva Karya Siddhi Yantra

10jan2Karya Siddhi Yantra is meant for Fulfillment of all Desires. Karya Siddhi is an highly effective Yantra, which ensures the individual’s well-being & success in almost every aspect of his life. This sacred symbol that corresponds to a special blessing in one’s life.The Yantra is composed of a circle, divided into seven energies segments: first for knowledge, wisdom & healing of diseases, second for music, confidence & happiness, third for family progress in the present & future, fourth for health, wealth, prosperity, a comfortable & happy home and protection from all troubles, fifth for power, authority, finances of the individual, sixth for protection against the ‘evil eye’ and other dangers to the individual, seventh for courage against all odds and ensuring success in all activities.

This Yantra protects a person from all kinds of Troubles, Failures, Evil Eye, Dangers and Diseases. A person attains Power & Authority, gets favours from Superiors, Fulfillment of Desires and Success in any new Venture if he worships this Yantra. The word Sarva Karya Siddhi itself means that ” All the Works of a person becomes fruitful ”

Shri Karya Sidhhi Yantra Hanging as the name implies brings in success in all your efforts. Particularly significant for business success, this yantra provides blessings in seven domains of one’s life that encompasses virtually the entire life time of a human being.

Benefits of Sarva Karya Siddhi Yantra :

  • Shri Sarva Karya Siddhi Yantra brings good fortune and ensures whole success in the whole thing you do
  • It is said that all the deep wishes, aspirations and desires come true after possession of Sri Sarva Karya Yantra.
  • Shree Sarva Karya Siddhi Yantra blesses you with intelligence, knowledge, self-assurance, brainpower, and family growth in present as well as future.
  • Sarva Karya Siddhi Yantra gives an individual with immense bravery to make himself stand and fight even in the most horrible of situations and even when the whole thing is going against him.
  • Sarva Karya Siddhi Maha Yantra also provides religious progress.
  • Regular worshipping of this Sarva Karya Siddhi Yantra would be good and will produce auspicious results.
  • Yantra is the best medicine to avail favors from seniors along with availing power, finance and authority from some reputed and much needed sources.

Benefits Of Kamadhenu (Cow with Baby) Idol

The name Kamadhenu came from the Sanskrit root, “Kamaduha”, which literally means, “the cow of plenty” and “the one through whom all desires are fulfilled”.

8jan3Hinduism considers the “Gomata” or the cow as an utmost sacred symbol. Hindus from all parts of the country, belonging to all cultures and languages, believe in the worship of the cow. This is due to the fact that Hindus consider all cows as aspects of Mother Kamadhenu.

Kamadhenu is worshipped as the divine wish-fulfilling cow goddess, according to Hindu mythology. She is considered as the mother of all cows, as also of the eleven Rudras. This sacred, miraculous cow provides her owner anything at all that he or she ever desires.

Kamadhenu, the sacred cow which grants all wishes and desires, is an integral part of the entire Indian culture. This divine cow, which lives in swargalok (heaven), emerged from the ocean of milk (kshira-sagar) at the time of samudra-manthan (the great churning of the ocean by the gods (suras) and demons (asuras). It was presented to the seven sages by the Gods, and in course of time came into the possession of Sage Vasishta.

In Vedic discription, Kamadhenu is a goddess manifesting as a divine cow who is considered to be the mother of all cows. Like her daughter Nandini, she could grant any wish for the true seeker. Kamadhenu provided Vasishta with his needs for the sacrifices. Kamadhenu (kama-dhenu, ‘wish-cow’), was a miraculous cow of plenty who could give her owner whatever he desired.

Benefits OF Kamdhenu Cow:

  • Kamdhenu (Cow with Baby)  fulfils all your desires.
  • Kamdhenu Idol is considered favourable for achieving success in business.
  • Kamdhenu (Cow with Baby) Idol can be used for prosperity and wealth.
  • Kamdhenu Idol brings peace in your home.
  • Kamdhenu gives spiritual and materialistic success.
  • It can be kept at home or office according to Vastu direction.

Siganificance Of Pooja Bell

Pooja Bells are mainly classified into two broad categories; one which can be hung on the hook. This type of bellcan be seen in the temples. The other one is a small hand bell which can be rung by holding in the palm. This type of bell is normally used in the home sanctum.

29dec1It is important to follow Vaastu Shastra tips when you are designing your home, each room and every nook and corner of a home. When it comes to the prayer room – it is especially important to realize the points that must be kept in mind for its location.Ghanta is the Sanskrit word for bell. Bell is a musical instrument made up of bronze or brass. It has a hollow interior and has a tang in it which creates sound. A temple bell or ghantais symbolic of antarala, the gap between sky and earth. Kansyaghanta, tala, ghatika, jayaghantika, kshudraghanta and krama are the types of bell mentioned in the Sanskrit literature.

The Sound generated by the bell should be gentle and sweet. In a puja ritual the bell is used during such sub-rituals as waving Frankincense (dhoop) and Lamp as well as while performing arti for creating gentle sound. In a puja ritual what is the importance of sound and what happens on spiritual level can be understood by looking at a subtle drawing. The subtle drawing means a drawing which tells us about the subtle process which is going on at spiritual level about whatever we see with the gross eyes about an object or action.

Pooja Bell is sounded before the actual puja and worship begins. A well-designed Ghanta or bell produce long strains of the sound OM or Aum. A bell is rung in a Hindu temple, during the waving of light in front of the deity, while bathing the deity and while offering food. Hindu devotees on entering the temple also hit the ghanta hanged in front of the sanctum sanctorum.

The sound made from a well-designed Pooja Bell is uninterrupted, reverberating, deep and sonorous. Symbolically, the body of the bell represents time – Ananta. The tongue of the bell symbolically represents Goddess Saraswathi. The handle of the Ghanta is considered to be the vital principle (Prana Shakti) and symbolically represents Hanuman, Garuda, Nandi or Chakra.