Rose Quartz Heart Pendant

1-rose-quartz-heart-pendantPeople in many parts of the world have put their trust in spiritual jewellery and believe that certain special rocks and stones have the power to heal us. While some of the stones are used in controlling anger and negative energies, there are some stones like the rose quartz which are believed to emanate special positive energies that bring out the feeling of love and compassion of the user. The most common form in which this stone is used is the Rose Quartz Heart Pendant.

Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink stone which is then carved out into pendants. They age back to more a thousand years when they were used as magical stones that prevented aging. Later on, they were used by medical practitioners in love and healing potions. Historical records state that were first used by the Egyptians before the world discovered the power of the Rose Quartz.

Significance Of Rose Quartz Heart Pendant:

This particular stone has also been named as the ‘love stone’ as it is said to emit the feeling of unconditional love and warmth. Its significance can be described in a number of ways.

  • It is said that if a love relationship is on the verge of breaking, both the partners should use this particular pendant to rekindle the sparks of love between them. Many relationships have benefitted from this simple pink stone.
  • Being closer to the heart and also being shaped into a heart, this pendant gives out powerful and positive energies to the heart chakra and the chakra located just above the heart known as the thymus chakra.
  • The presence of this beautiful stone sends calming vibrations not only to the person wearing it but also to the people present around him. Having this pendant in one’s midst will instantly replace feelings of jealousy and anger with warmth and compassion.
  • Keeping the vibrations of this stone close to our body is very important as it helps a person easily overcome feelings of resentment and hatred that may result from a bad past.
  • Being a stone of love, it is a strong aphrodisiac for men and women.
  • Rose quartz heart pendants also help a person in having a peaceful sleep by preventing the occurrence of nightmares.
  • This pink pendant helps a person in overcoming mental trauma and grief.
  • This stone is especially helpful for the female body. It is supportive of the female genitals and increases fertility. It also helps mothers heal after childbirth.
  • The Rose Quartz Pendant is also used by people as a meditating tool.
  • Wearing this stone leads to a fast recovery from health problems like cough, stress, lung and kidney problems, and vertigo.

A pretty and intricately carved Rose Quartz Heart Pendant also adds to the feminism and beauty of a woman along with being extremely beneficial to the body and mind.


Om Mani Padme Hum Prayer Flags

1The Tibetan Prayer Flags have a long history in the Tibetan culture. Since time immemorial, it has been associated with the peace of the spiritual mind and has been used by Tibetan monks and priests. If one has visited Nepal, one would know the extensive use of these colourful prayer flags at various Tibetan monasteries. One of the most common mantras that can be seen on these flags is ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’.

The tradition of hanging prayer flags in Tibet began more than 2000 years ago. The war lords carried their banners in the form of flags during wars. However, the native people chose to make their own spiritual version of prayer flags. They used five colours for five elements of the earth; blue for sky, white for air, red for fire, green for water and yellow for earth. They had the ancient mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ written on that and hung it all around for the security of the local people.

The six syllable mantra means ‘Hail the jewel in the lotus’. When the Chinese invaded Tibet and destroyed mankind, Tibetan people had to flee to distant places. But they continued to hang their prayer flags in various places and that is how the world caught on to the tradition.

Significance Of Tibetan Prayer Flags:

It is said that these prayer flags are hung so that the wind carries its peaceful message to all the places that it goes to. People worldwide believe in the soothing effects of hanging a colourful prayer flag in their midst.

  • The flag may be hung indoors but its rightful place is where its messages can be freely distributed with the wind.
  • The five colours signify various things apart from the five elements, like the five directions or the five meditation poses of Buddha.
  • Hanging it at the threshold of a house brings in happiness and blesses everyone who passes through it.
  • The most auspicious time to hang a prayer flag is during the Chinese New Year. This moment is one that should be celebrated, hence people call over their family and friends to hang it together.
  • A prayer flag can be hung during times of happiness or grief.
  • It should be hung at a higher altitude of the house.
  • People also like to hang a prayer flag in their cars or on their bikes. A fluttering prayer flag brings peace and harmony to its surroundings.
  •  When the flags eventually fade, it is a sign that everything changes with time. The flags should then be burned to release the prayers and a new flag should be hung with new prayers.

Tibetian Buddhist Prayer Flags along with the mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ is one of the best sources of happiness, wealth and health.

Luck Feng Shui Chinese Good Luck Coins

Chinese coins are one of the most powerful elements of the Feng Shui culture. Right from the ancient times of the Chinese civilization, these round-shaped coins have been known to symbolize wealth and prosperity. Today, the coins are very popular and are visibly used by a lot of people and in a lot of forms. Many people across the world have benefitted from this Fengshui element.

008As the name suggests, Chinese coins have originated centuries ago in the Chinese civilization. It is said that the Qing Dynasty saw an abundance of wealth and prosperity overnight by the use of Three Coins For Money Wealth And Prosperity. Since then, the secret to their wealth kept passing on, generation after generation. A Chinese coin is brass or bronze and has an external round shape with a square-shaped hole in it. It is said that while the round shape of the coin symbolizes heaven, the square hole is significant of the earth.

Chinese Lucky Money Coins are usually tied in groups of three with a red thread to increase their power. It is told that it protects the wearer or the carrier from illness and bad luck while attracting positivity and prosperity. Hence, the tradition of Chinese coins has passed on ever since. Today, it is used as a widespread Fengshui element across the world.

Uses Of Chinese Coins:

Today, Chinese coins are used for a variety of purposes and in a variety of forms, though Fengshui also places importance on the placement of these coins.

  • Most importantly, these magic coins still continue to serve the purpose of the attraction and abundance of wealth.
  • Another interesting feature of Chinese coins is that they can be used in any form. A single coin can be kept in a wallet or an equivalent place of money to make sure to prevent financial problems. A string of six Chinese coins is tied by a red thread and hung outside the place of wealth, like an office to keep the stream of money flowing in.
  • People nowadays have also adopted these fengshui coins in the form of jewelry. A group of coins are strung in the form of bracelets, earrings or necklaces to ensure that good luck surrounds one even on the go.
  • Chinese coins are now also extensively used to ensure a successful union. Two identical strings of coins tied by a red thread are hung inside the bedroom for a happy marriage or around an office for a profitable business partnership.
  • Chinese coins are also one of the ideal Fengshui gift options that can really help the receiver mould his life.

A simple-looking Feng shui Chinese coin has the power to turn any bad luck into good luck. It resonates prosperity, wealth and the abundance of money along with a peaceful life and positive energy.


Panchmukhi (Five Faced ) Hanuman

In India, there are many ardent followers of Lord Hanuman. According to Hindu mythology, Hanuman or the Monkey God was a worshipper of Lord Rama. Hanuman is often symbolized by the virtues of determination, courage and devotion. He was powerful and a powerhouse of knowledge. In India, there are many ardent followers of Lord Hanuman. The Panchmukhi Hanuman is said to be beneficial in more ways than one.           01-hanumanpanchmukhiAccording to the historic mythology book Ramayana, the origination of the Panchmukhi Hanuman is an interesting one. It is said that Panchmukhi Hanuman was formed during the war between Lord Rama and Ravana. Apparently, Ravana took the help of Ahiravana, who was the King of Patala or hell. As the legend goes, Ahiravana tricked Rama and his brother, Lakshmana and brought them to PatalakaLoka. In order to protect Rama, Hanuman entered PatalakaLoka. He then realised that he had to extinguish five lamps at the same time in order to kill Ahiravana. The trick here was that the lamps were placed in five different directions.

It was then that Lord Hanuman turned into the legendary Panchmukhi Hanuman by forming four additional faces, Hayagriva, Narasimha, Garuda and Varaha. He extinguished the five lamps and slayed the demon, Ahiravana to protect Lord Rama. This is why the legend portrays Lord Hanuman as fearless and brave.

Beliefs Pertaining The Panchmukhi Hanuman:

Each of the five heads of the Panchmukhi Hanuman are significant for five different virtues.

  • The face of Lord Hanuman faces the east. It is believed that this face grants purity of mind.
  • The face of Lord Narasimha faces south. He is synonymous with the virtues of fearlessness and victory.
  • Lord Garuda faces the west. He is said to be the remover of evil things like black magic and poisons.
  • Lord Varaha faces north and is a symbol of financial prosperity and wealth.
  • Last of all, Lord Hayagriva faces upward in the direction of the sky. He is connected to knowledge and good children.

Overall, a miniature version of the Panchmukhi Hanuman is advised to be placed in one’s house. It could be the puja room or even the entry to your abode. The five faces of Lord Hanuman are believed to bring good luck and a boost of positive energy in a certain place. Other places where an idol of the Panchmukhi Hanuman could be kept is in the car or at the work desk.

According to Indian mythological books, Lord Hanuman is said to be one of the most devoted worshippers in history. Placing a statue of the Panchmukhi Hanuman has proved to be beneficial to many people around the world. It is said to bring positivity and luck to a household.

Feng Shui Crystal Diamond

Contrary to popular beliefs, the sole purpose of Fengshui diamond is not to add to the décor of a certain place. These elements propagate positive energy in the lives of the people around them and brings in a pleasant atmosphere. One of such good luck elements is a Fengshui crystal diamond. It is said that this diamond if placed correctly can show instant effects on the luck of the concerned person.

001-crystalFolklore says that the tradition of using a crystal diamond to emanate the abundance of wealth began in the early years of the Chinese civilization. Since then, the tradition remains unchanged and is being carried on for generations. Today, this element is extensively used for by the followers of the Fengshui philosophical system. A crystal diamond can be placed in the following ways for maximum benefits.

  • Hang a crystal diamond from the ceiling in a long hallway or the end of a steep staircase to bring positive energy in the stagnant space.
  • Place it on a table-top in the place of work to ensure maximum wealth attraction and abundance of wealth. The diamond also signifies profitable partnerships in the concerned business.
  • Place it in the living area of your house to prevent family quarrels as it calms the minds of the people around it.
  • Hang a crystal diamond inside the bedroom for a happy and successful romantic relationship.

Uses of a Crystal Diamond:

There a number of uses and beliefs pertaining to this magic piece of cut diamond. We list them down as follows:

  • Being a Fengshui element, a crystal diamond fulfills the primary purpose of bringing good luck and positive energy into a particular setting.
  • When placed in certain specific locations according to specific arrangements, this crystal diamond also ensures things like a profitable business, a successful business relationship, a peaceful family environment or a happy marriage.
  • Crystal diamonds come in a variety of colours and each colour signifies a different virtue. A green coloured crystal balances the energies, a blue coloured crystal brings wealth, prosperity and career opportunities, a yellow coloured crystal brings optimism in life and a pink coloured crystal improves a love relationship.
  • A crystal diamond is one of the most beautiful Fengshui elements. If hung from a window, it captures sunlight and reflects a variety of colours through it, filling the room with a vibrant rainbow. Thus, as a secondary purpose, it also adds to the décor of the room where it is placed.
  • A crystal placed on a table-top could also act as a paperweight.

A Fengshui crystal diamond is one of the most powerful resonators of positive energy. Using a crystal diamond can instantly change the outlook of a person towards life.

Kuber, Surya Dev & Nandi Bull

Kuber : Yakshraj Kuber is the Lord of wealth and guardian of all the treasures of the universe. He is the wealthiest devta. Kuber resides in Alkapuri at mount Meru. His primary function as the Lord of wealth is the creation of extremely wealthy people. He has three-legged, eight teeth, and large, round, protruding eyes. He is plumpy, smiling and happy. Kuber has the ability to translate your actions into riches and growth, helping you to achieve bliss and abundant wealth. Kuber is the guardian o

kuber-suryadev-nandibullAttract more money and richness in your life by placing the Kuber in the North along with a Pair of Red Horses in the South zone of your building. This will ensure growth in your chosen career and success in business.

Surya Dev: According to MahaVastu, Surya Dev or the Sun represents the governing or ruling power. The Sun is also responsible for developing relationships with influential people. If you want to use the strength and support of powerful and influential people to establish a successful business then a copper or brass Sun as a MahaVastu remedy is especially effective. The Sun also helps you use your wisdom and skill to build relations that spread your glory, name and reputation all around. The Sun is a powerful remedy and is hung on the Eastern wall of building at a height of 7 feet from the floor.

Nandi Bull: Lord Shiva’s trusted steed – the Nandi Bull protects a business against any unforeseen calamity or danger. The Nandi Bull is placed in the South-West zone of the building along the West wall. Besides protecting the business, the Nandi Bull is also responsible for forging long and faithful partnerships and collaborations with other supporting businesses and business persons. Public Limited companies or institutes that deal with shareholders can strengthen the trust and loyalty that their clients and customers have in them by using the Nandi Bull. If placed in shops and institutions, the Nandi Bull attracts more customers and ensures their trust and satisfaction.


Hinduism Third Most Followed Religion Of The World

hindusimWell, religion in today’s world is nothing but a belief of the people of a certain community. A group of people having same or similar beliefs about a certain agenda, come up together and that is just how a religion is born. After extensive thoughts and research work, it is now established that of all the religions prevailing in the world, Hinduism is the oldest. The literary evidences of the existence of this religion is found to be as early as in the 7000 BCE, however it is also believed that the religion has been in practice for more than 10,000 years now. In today’s world, Hinduism is the third most followed religion of the world. Although the religion had originated in the banks of the SIndhu river, thus from where it has carried on its name, Hindu, it has now spread to countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Mauritius, Fiji and many more.

Many of us believe that the things from the past are those that were hardly scientific. However, in the survey by various companies and also by several scientific researches, it is seen that this religion is the most scientific religion of all. Evidences of which are found from the facts that Turmeric and Tulsi that are used by the Hindus in the religious occasions and the ceremonies are some of the best anti bodies that one can think of. The temples that the Hindus create have something more than just the architectural marvel in it and it is studied that the temples offer large sources of positive energy for one and all. Hinduism not only brings out the essence of a religion, but it is also believed that the herbal science of the Ayurveda comes in effect from this very religion. Evidences of the use of zero and the decimals have been noted in the religious literature’s of the religion. It is probably the only religion that has always claimed to give the men and women of the society equal rights. It shows that the followers of this religion are staunch believers of equality among mankind.

The life of an ideal Hindu consists of four stages, which starts with the Brahmacharya, where the students are made tio study all that they can staying with their guru in the Gurukul. This stage continues till the age of 25. The second stage starts from the age of 25 and is known as Grihastha, where the young students are sent off from the Gurukul to lead a married life. This stage continue’s till the age of the individual is 50 and from then on starts the new stage of mankind. The third stage is called the Vanaprastha. In this stage, it is advised for the man to give up on all ties with his children and family and move out in the jungles to lead a life of sacrifices. In this tenure, the person is requested to keep away from all worldly ties, however, he can take his wife along with him. This stage ends around the age of 75. The last stage of mankind in Hinduism is Sannyasa, where the man gives up on all worldly ties and lead a life that is totally devoted to god and prays for his moksha, which means salvation. All these together surely makes Hinduism one of the best and most scientific religion of all time.

Metaphysical Crystal Chakra Pyramid in Ruby Zeofite

“The scorching red and arresting beauty of the Ruby is a gem fit for royalty. One of the most marvellous of all gems, the crystal healing stone was once believed to overtake the goodness and worth of all other precious stones and valued more than that of the Diamond. Ruby is regarded as a blood stone that strengthens the heart, myocardium, ventricles and coronaries and boosts blood circulation and flow. It is a panacea for all ailments related to the heart.

Divya-Mantra-Metaphysical-Crystal-Reiki-PyramidsRuby has the same wavelength of the Base Chakra, boosting the flow of life-force vigour or chi throughout the body. It fortifies the capacity to meet one’s needs and expressing one’s desire and is influential in operating the kundalini. The base or Root Chakra pyramid is situated at the bottom of the spine and controls the energy for your mobility, feeling and locomotion. It is the fulcrum of all physical and mystical vigour of the body. When your body is out of balance, it displays symptoms like laziness, lack of activity, no interest in anything, and a strong need for constant motivation.

Ruby zoisite pyramids helps in maintaining balance in menstrual cycle and provides relief from PMS symptoms. It is regarded as very useful for the reproductive organs and is used to treat sexual malfunctions, impotence and infertility, early menopause and assist in gynaecological operations. Considered to be helpful during confinement, specifically of older women and in the exact formation of children even when it is in embryo status. It enables lovemaking to be more passionate. People who lack self-love should possess and also meditate on the Ruby.

It provides courage to fulfil the total potential of a person” Crystal Pyramids: “Over the years, people have admired Crystal Pyramids for their famous capacity to magnify vitality and improve energy. The shape of the pyramid itself is a religious symbol for the Egyptians and widely used in Feng Shui. The combination of the divine symmetry of the Pyramid with the divine symmetry of Crystal provides you a strong object which has a huge reservoir of vitality and vigour.

The characteristics of concentration and intensification are magnified several times in the pretty Crystal Pyramids, making them ideal for expression programs. The unique combination of the divine qualities of Pyramids and Crystals renders them an ideal choice for deep reflection. A pyramid is also used to increase and concentrate the intrinsic characteristics of the Crystal stone .Pyramids have multiple uses in all types of healing – body, mind and soul. The unique shape of the pyramid is the reason for its inherent strength and enormous energy. The shape itself is conducive to collect and magnify strong energy forces. The matrix formed by placing the crystals matching the geometry of the pyramid significantly amplifies the total power by combining both their unique strengths.

The pyramid-crystal combination effect concentrates itself through many centres with a focus in the metaphysical pyramid. This transformational energy of the pyramid expresses itself in a powerful surge that fortifies the therapeutic energies that intermingle with the chakras in our physical form. These creative artisans made crystal pyramids make excellent gifts for home and office. They could be positioned in such a way to create a strong pulsating healing power and drive away the evil forces from the home or office environment. It also improves our awareness about the art of living in complete synchronisation with nature. The all changing power of these crystal pyramids are the core of the meeting point between the Earth and Mind.

It has to be strategically used for promoting optimistic humane thoughts” Divyamantra presents beautiful hand crafted pyramids made out of natural stones or crystals for everyone to benefit from the positive energy and spirituality associated with this divya combination of Crystals and pyramids. These pyramids are hand crafted and made from the natural stones hence the actual product may slightly vary in colour and texture.

Feng Shui Three Legged Double Money Frog

Divya Mantra presents a range of Feng shui double money frog showpieces in different sizes and premium quality. These are made of high quality earth material that suits perfectly the use in Period 8 because earth energy rules the period.

Feng-Shui-Double-Money-FrogThe Money Frog is depicted sitting on a bed full of wealth, treasures and ingots. It has a crown on its head to represent its throne and right behind the throne is a bagua. The bagua is an extremely potent symbol in feng shui, especially in Period 8 because it is eight sided. There are 7 northern stars on its back and its eyes are dotted with two ruby colored jewels. Its mouth is biting the Ching Dynasty coin to make it an extremely potent wealth energizer. The Legend for Three Legged Toad. The Three legged toad or also known as Money Frog is the best symbol of making money. As per legend, three legged toad is seems to be exist on the moon. When there is an eclipse, it seems that the toad is seen swallowing the moon. In other myths, is the wife of one of the eight immortals that stole the elixir of immortality from the Queen of the West, Wang Mu. She ran to the moon and there she was transform to a toad by the GODS.

Three legged toad is Lui Hai, one of the 8 Immortals, A Minister of State who live during the Tenth Century. Lu Hai knows that the three legged toad is fondness for money, he uses bait, a red line tied with gold coins and lure the three legged toad out from hiding. From the Lu Hai’s legend, it become popular that three legged toad with coins symbolize wealth is about to come and greet you if you display a three legged toad in your home. The Three Legged Toad also represents the symbol of attractive good fortune and wealth luck. If you are a business man, put a three legged toad in your office and it will attract good fortune and wealth luck for your business. There are many picture of Three Legged Double Money Frog, some sitting on coins and some has a coin in its mouth. It actually means the same thing. All is a Feng Shui symbol to attract good fortune and wealth luck to your home or office.

Where to place the Money Frog?

  1. Place the toad diagonally facing to your door to attract wealth chi to your home or offices.
  2. There are no limits as some many toads you can place in your house or office but try not to have more then 9.
  3. For business, place them on your reception area or meeting room where you greet your customer.
  4. For Garden, you can place them near your ponds or fountains but do not face your main door.
  5. Do not place them in your bedroom, bathroom, toilet or kitchens.
  6. Do not place them on the floor directly. Put them on a low table.