Kuber, Surya Dev & Nandi Bull

Kuber : Yakshraj Kuber is the Lord of wealth and guardian of all the treasures of the universe. He is the wealthiest devta. Kuber resides in Alkapuri at mount Meru. His primary function as the Lord of wealth is the creation of extremely wealthy people. He has three-legged, eight teeth, and large, round, protruding eyes. He is plumpy, smiling and happy. Kuber has the ability to translate your actions into riches and growth, helping you to achieve bliss and abundant wealth. Kuber is the guardian o

kuber-suryadev-nandibullAttract more money and richness in your life by placing the Kuber in the North along with a Pair of Red Horses in the South zone of your building. This will ensure growth in your chosen career and success in business.

Surya Dev: According to MahaVastu, Surya Dev or the Sun represents the governing or ruling power. The Sun is also responsible for developing relationships with influential people. If you want to use the strength and support of powerful and influential people to establish a successful business then a copper or brass Sun as a MahaVastu remedy is especially effective. The Sun also helps you use your wisdom and skill to build relations that spread your glory, name and reputation all around. The Sun is a powerful remedy and is hung on the Eastern wall of building at a height of 7 feet from the floor.

Nandi Bull: Lord Shiva’s trusted steed – the Nandi Bull protects a business against any unforeseen calamity or danger. The Nandi Bull is placed in the South-West zone of the building along the West wall. Besides protecting the business, the Nandi Bull is also responsible for forging long and faithful partnerships and collaborations with other supporting businesses and business persons. Public Limited companies or institutes that deal with shareholders can strengthen the trust and loyalty that their clients and customers have in them by using the Nandi Bull. If placed in shops and institutions, the Nandi Bull attracts more customers and ensures their trust and satisfaction.



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