Panchmukhi (Five Faced ) Hanuman

In India, there are many ardent followers of Lord Hanuman. According to Hindu mythology, Hanuman or the Monkey God was a worshipper of Lord Rama. Hanuman is often symbolized by the virtues of determination, courage and devotion. He was powerful and a powerhouse of knowledge. In India, there are many ardent followers of Lord Hanuman. The Panchmukhi Hanuman is said to be beneficial in more ways than one.           01-hanumanpanchmukhiAccording to the historic mythology book Ramayana, the origination of the Panchmukhi Hanuman is an interesting one. It is said that Panchmukhi Hanuman was formed during the war between Lord Rama and Ravana. Apparently, Ravana took the help of Ahiravana, who was the King of Patala or hell. As the legend goes, Ahiravana tricked Rama and his brother, Lakshmana and brought them to PatalakaLoka. In order to protect Rama, Hanuman entered PatalakaLoka. He then realised that he had to extinguish five lamps at the same time in order to kill Ahiravana. The trick here was that the lamps were placed in five different directions.

It was then that Lord Hanuman turned into the legendary Panchmukhi Hanuman by forming four additional faces, Hayagriva, Narasimha, Garuda and Varaha. He extinguished the five lamps and slayed the demon, Ahiravana to protect Lord Rama. This is why the legend portrays Lord Hanuman as fearless and brave.

Beliefs Pertaining The Panchmukhi Hanuman:

Each of the five heads of the Panchmukhi Hanuman are significant for five different virtues.

  • The face of Lord Hanuman faces the east. It is believed that this face grants purity of mind.
  • The face of Lord Narasimha faces south. He is synonymous with the virtues of fearlessness and victory.
  • Lord Garuda faces the west. He is said to be the remover of evil things like black magic and poisons.
  • Lord Varaha faces north and is a symbol of financial prosperity and wealth.
  • Last of all, Lord Hayagriva faces upward in the direction of the sky. He is connected to knowledge and good children.

Overall, a miniature version of the Panchmukhi Hanuman is advised to be placed in one’s house. It could be the puja room or even the entry to your abode. The five faces of Lord Hanuman are believed to bring good luck and a boost of positive energy in a certain place. Other places where an idol of the Panchmukhi Hanuman could be kept is in the car or at the work desk.

According to Indian mythological books, Lord Hanuman is said to be one of the most devoted worshippers in history. Placing a statue of the Panchmukhi Hanuman has proved to be beneficial to many people around the world. It is said to bring positivity and luck to a household.


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