Luck Feng Shui Chinese Good Luck Coins

Chinese coins are one of the most powerful elements of the Feng Shui culture. Right from the ancient times of the Chinese civilization, these round-shaped coins have been known to symbolize wealth and prosperity. Today, the coins are very popular and are visibly used by a lot of people and in a lot of forms. Many people across the world have benefitted from this Fengshui element.

008As the name suggests, Chinese coins have originated centuries ago in the Chinese civilization. It is said that the Qing Dynasty saw an abundance of wealth and prosperity overnight by the use of Three Coins For Money Wealth And Prosperity. Since then, the secret to their wealth kept passing on, generation after generation. A Chinese coin is brass or bronze and has an external round shape with a square-shaped hole in it. It is said that while the round shape of the coin symbolizes heaven, the square hole is significant of the earth.

Chinese Lucky Money Coins are usually tied in groups of three with a red thread to increase their power. It is told that it protects the wearer or the carrier from illness and bad luck while attracting positivity and prosperity. Hence, the tradition of Chinese coins has passed on ever since. Today, it is used as a widespread Fengshui element across the world.

Uses Of Chinese Coins:

Today, Chinese coins are used for a variety of purposes and in a variety of forms, though Fengshui also places importance on the placement of these coins.

  • Most importantly, these magic coins still continue to serve the purpose of the attraction and abundance of wealth.
  • Another interesting feature of Chinese coins is that they can be used in any form. A single coin can be kept in a wallet or an equivalent place of money to make sure to prevent financial problems. A string of six Chinese coins is tied by a red thread and hung outside the place of wealth, like an office to keep the stream of money flowing in.
  • People nowadays have also adopted these fengshui coins in the form of jewelry. A group of coins are strung in the form of bracelets, earrings or necklaces to ensure that good luck surrounds one even on the go.
  • Chinese coins are now also extensively used to ensure a successful union. Two identical strings of coins tied by a red thread are hung inside the bedroom for a happy marriage or around an office for a profitable business partnership.
  • Chinese coins are also one of the ideal Fengshui gift options that can really help the receiver mould his life.

A simple-looking Feng shui Chinese coin has the power to turn any bad luck into good luck. It resonates prosperity, wealth and the abundance of money along with a peaceful life and positive energy.



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