Rose Quartz Heart Pendant

1-rose-quartz-heart-pendantPeople in many parts of the world have put their trust in spiritual jewellery and believe that certain special rocks and stones have the power to heal us. While some of the stones are used in controlling anger and negative energies, there are some stones like the rose quartz which are believed to emanate special positive energies that bring out the feeling of love and compassion of the user. The most common form in which this stone is used is the Rose Quartz Heart Pendant.

Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink stone which is then carved out into pendants. They age back to more a thousand years when they were used as magical stones that prevented aging. Later on, they were used by medical practitioners in love and healing potions. Historical records state that were first used by the Egyptians before the world discovered the power of the Rose Quartz.

Significance Of Rose Quartz Heart Pendant:

This particular stone has also been named as the ‘love stone’ as it is said to emit the feeling of unconditional love and warmth. Its significance can be described in a number of ways.

  • It is said that if a love relationship is on the verge of breaking, both the partners should use this particular pendant to rekindle the sparks of love between them. Many relationships have benefitted from this simple pink stone.
  • Being closer to the heart and also being shaped into a heart, this pendant gives out powerful and positive energies to the heart chakra and the chakra located just above the heart known as the thymus chakra.
  • The presence of this beautiful stone sends calming vibrations not only to the person wearing it but also to the people present around him. Having this pendant in one’s midst will instantly replace feelings of jealousy and anger with warmth and compassion.
  • Keeping the vibrations of this stone close to our body is very important as it helps a person easily overcome feelings of resentment and hatred that may result from a bad past.
  • Being a stone of love, it is a strong aphrodisiac for men and women.
  • Rose quartz heart pendants also help a person in having a peaceful sleep by preventing the occurrence of nightmares.
  • This pink pendant helps a person in overcoming mental trauma and grief.
  • This stone is especially helpful for the female body. It is supportive of the female genitals and increases fertility. It also helps mothers heal after childbirth.
  • The Rose Quartz Pendant is also used by people as a meditating tool.
  • Wearing this stone leads to a fast recovery from health problems like cough, stress, lung and kidney problems, and vertigo.

A pretty and intricately carved Rose Quartz Heart Pendant also adds to the feminism and beauty of a woman along with being extremely beneficial to the body and mind.


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