The primary purpose of most Fengshui elements is to bring good luck in a certain place. Nevertheless, there are some elements that are primarily used for scrying and fortunetelling. One of these are a Fengshui Crystal Grazing Ball. In fact, this beautiful crystal ball is one of the most powerful and popular things used for predicting the future.

Fengshui Crystal Balls have been used for thousands of years for the purpose of fortune telling. It was first seen in the birthplace of Fengshui, the Chinese civilization. Contrary to popular belief, the ball does not have magical powers that instantly foretells a person’s future. Scrying is the art of looking into a reflective surface and looking for the answers to one questions. The surface could even be anything as simple as water.

A Crystal Ball simple serves the purpose of portraying the proceedings of the subconscious mind.In simple words, it allows a person to disassociate with his consciousness, enter a trance-like state and get access to the mystical insight of one’s sub consciousness. It is said that it contains reflective energies, hence special care should be taken towards the storage, cleansing, handling and charging of this special ball, failing which the ball may lose its energies and become unproductive.

Uses of the Crystal Ball:
The Fengshui Crystal Ball is used for a variety of purposes.

·         As discussed above, the ball is primarily used for the purpose of scrying and fortune telling.

·         Apart from this, it is used by people as a constant source of positive energy and good luck.

·         Many people also use it as a calming source during meditation. It acts as a visionary to the spiritual world when used during meditation.

·         Along with being a Fengshui necessity, the placement of this ball is also important. When placed in a business area or workstation, it ensures the constant flow of money and wealth in the concerned place.

·         If placed around the study desk of a student, education success is observed.

·         It is also seen that if a ball is placed in a room where frequent arguments take place, it visibly reduces the rate of family quarrels by calming people’s minds.

·         Two crystal balls are advised to be kept in the room of a couple for a better and successful love relationship.

·         A ball can be placed inside a car for luck that travels along with you.


Different coloured Fensghui Crystal Balls stand for different virtues. Nonetheless, all of them are used as a source of positive energy and stand for things like optimism, well-sightedness and a peaceful mind.


Feng shui Tibetan Solar Prayer Wheel

There are many followers of Fengshui all around the world. Though this ancient philosophical system was founded centuries ago, it has gained importance in the present world. One of such fengshui element that transmits peace and good luck is the Tibetan Prayer Wheel Dharma. Prayer wheels have originated a long time ago from the Tibetan culture.

001-tibetan-solar-prayer-wheelThe Tibetan prayer wheels were introduced by the famous Buddhist scholar and philosopher, Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna was moved by the pain of people around him and decided to do something for them. That is when he came up with the prayer wheels. Initially, these prayer wheels were huge in size and had a number of Sanskrit mantras written all around it. According to Tibetan belief, spinning a wheel has the same effect as orally reciting the prayers.

The legacy of these magic prayer wheels was carried on by Padmasambhava, Tilopa, Narupa, Marpa and Dalai Lama. Though you will find prayer wheels of various sizes and styles in the Tibetan monastries today, the miniature and portable versions of these wheels are very popular too. They are available in the form of pendants, table-tops and hand-held pieces. One such form is the Tibetan Prayer Wheel Dharma which is used as a car dashboard!

The uses of a Tibetan Solar Prayer Wheel for Car Dashboard and Home are as follows:

  • Being a fengshui element, this prayer wheel brings you good luck and peace.
  • If you are someone who is stressed out by driving, a Tibetan Solar Prayer Wheel is perfect for you. This wheel will be the core of positive vibes in your car and will help you relieve stress while driving. Driving stress should not be overlooked as it could be the reason of a fatal accident.
  • Now you can surround yourself with positive environment and blessings from God just by placing this wheel in some of the best corners of your house. The embedded solar panel uses sunlight, and as a result the wheel spins and brings you good luck.
  • Another great point about this magic wheel is that it is very convenient to use. When compared to other dashboard products, this particular car dashboard stands out because it is easy to stick with its facility of double tape and will not fall off during a bumpy ride.
  • One more reason to love this amazing wheel is that it works with solar energy and does not need batteries. Thus, it helps saves energy and keeps you happy and safe.

All across the world, the use of The Solar Prayer Wheel was brought some of the most well known Buddhist teachers, people across the globe has benefitted from the same for years and are well known for the quick response of the Prayer Wheels.

Feng Shui Crystal Gem Trees

Out of the many popular elements in the Fengshui culture, the tradition of the crystal tree holds much importance. A miniature tree adorned with crystals and gemstones, known as the Fengshui Crystal Tree or the Fengshui Gem Tree is said to bring good luck to its surrounding. Many people around the world have experienced the amazing effects of this Fengshui element. As a matter of fact, this tree brings a number of positive attributes along with luck and prosperity.
003As is cited by historians, the use of the first Fengshui crystal tree was seen in the Chinese and Tibetan cultures, ages ago. There is an interesting story behind the origination of this particular element. It is said that a heavenly fairy, Shang travelled to the Earth to marry a village commoner by the name of Chooi. Because of the constant financial crises, Shang conjured a magic tree that created coins. This tree helped her family with money and also assisted the villagers in their times of need. Since then, the Fengshui Crystal Sacred Tree has been significant of a stable financial condition and the abundance of prosperity.
This tree is available in various forms. While some of just small crystal chips, other have a variety of coloured stones hung on them. Known as the Five-Element Crystal Tree, chips of the Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Aventurine, Amethyst and Citrine are hung on the branches of the miniature tree.

Uses of the Fengshui Crystal Tree:
The Fengshui Crystal Trees symbolises growth, stability and good luck. The placement of this tree plays an important part in its underlying purpose.

  • A Crystal Tree when placed on the workstation leads to a better and successful professional life. Financial wealth and prosperity will eventually follow.
  • Place a crystal tree around a student or on his study desk and witness his or her educational success.
  • This magic tree when placed in the common area of a house, brings calmness, peace and love in the family and among its members.
  • A Crystal Tree also fulfills the purpose of giving stability to a love relationship if placed in the bedroom of the concerned couple.
  • Apart from this, it is proved that the presence of this beautiful tree increases the memory and retaining capacity of the surrounding people.
  • Some people also refer to this tree as the wish-making tree. It is said to have special powers to grant wishes true.
  • When placed on the bedside table, a Crystal Tree works wonders on people with amnesia by helping them sleep peacefully and are also known to shoo away bad dreams and nightmares.

The Fengshui Crystal Tree is significant of prosperity, stability and good fortune. Followers of the Fengshui system have vouched for the fact that the power of this magic tree works instantly.



Feng Shui Crystal Tower

In the fascinating world of Fengshui, there’s a cure for everything. Right from bringing good luck to helping out in a situation of crises, Fengshui elements are present as cures for every problem. Crystals play a very important role in this ancient philosophical system. One of the most important crystal Fengshui elements is the crystal tower. This tower is shaped like a Chinese pagoda and has a wider base which narrows towards the top.

Fengshui has originated from the ancient Chinese civilization. During those days, most of the structures in China were made in the form of pagodas. These buildings mainly included temples. There is a significance to the rising number of levels in a typical pagoda. The basic significance of this specific shape of a pagoda is the focus of energy leading to the heaven above.
An interesting fact about the Chinese pagodas is that they can be of any number of levels: three, five, seven or nine. Hence, this leaded to the conception that the higher number of levels in a crystal pagoda, the better is the focus of energy and concentration. The tower is said to bring clarity in mental thoughts and life goals, which eventually leads to a better connection between the earth and heaven. These beautiful crystal towers also bring good luck and positivity to a specific place.
Significance Of Crystal Towers:
The Fengshui crystal towers stand for a lot of things.

  • First of all, a crystal tower is the most important element for education. Some people also refer to as the education tower. It is a boon for students and their careers. This is one of the most effective cures in Fengshui when it comes to Education Luck Tower. Crystal towers are known to help distracted minds to concentrate. Hence, this tower is the perfect solution for school children whose grades are falling at an alarming rate. Another thing worthy of being mentioned here is that the placement of the crystal tower also matters. When placed in the north-east section of a child’s study room, it has proved to be the most beneficial.
  • Apart from this, jade tower pagodas are known to increase financial prosperity and wealth. It is exceptionally beneficial for success in business matters and professional luck.
  • Onyx towers are basically used for bringing in good luck and removing the bad omens from a particular place.
  • Metal towers are great for establishing a career.
  • Rose quartz towers are perfect for love relationships as it increases compassion in hearts.
  • Wooden towers are exemplary for medical health and longevity.

The Fengshui crystal towers are perfect for providing educational support to a student. Many people have used it and vouch for the fact that an instant upgrade has been noticed by the use of a crystal tower.





India is a land of festivals. All year round, there are a host of festivals being celebrated throughout the nation. One of such festivals is Akshaya Tritaya. The common myth associated with this festival is that it refers to just buying and selling of gold. This is a wrong notion. This specific day is considered to be auspicious due to a lot of historical reasons.

01-atEvery year, Akshaya Tritaya falls on the third moon day of the Vaishakh Month, which according to the English calendar, falls between Mid-April and Mid-May. There are many significances to this special day.

  • Also known as Akkha Teej, it marks the birth of Lord Parasurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
  • Sri Vyasa started the composition of the Mahabharata on this auspicious day.
  • Lord Krishna visited the Pandavas on this day and gifted the Akshaya Patram to Draupadi.
  • Sudama visited his friend, Lord Krishna in the hope of a little rice and was in turn, blessed by Krishna with Akshaya or boundless wealth.
  • Many great personalities were also born during this time, like Basaveshwara, Ramanujacharya, Adi Shankaracharya, Swami Chinmayananda and the great Lord Buddha.
  • The second Yuga, Treta Yuga commenced on this day.

Importance Of Akshaya Tritaya:
Indians all over the country, place a lot of importance on this specific festival.

New business ventures are started on this day as it is said that this festival is very beneficial for those who want to make it big in the business sector. Even established businesses conduct puja in their shops and offices and distribute sweets in the celebration of Akshaya Tritaya.

  • Marriages are also scheduled for this day as it is said that personal relationships thrive and prosper if started on this festive day.
  • Giving clothes to the poor on this day is supposed to protect one from harmful illness and diseases.
  • Giving fruits to the needy helps a person to fulfill his goals and ambitions in life.
  • Students are said to donate milk products to the poor as it is said that this would help them excel in studies and lead to a bright academic future.
  • Giving uncooked grains in charity is believed to result in peaceful death rather than an untimely one.
  • Feeding curd rice to the poor on this day, helps a person to be blessed in his or her next birth.
  • Purchasing or investing in gold or silver helps maintain a constant flow of wealth into the household.
  • Embarking on long journeys on this day makes the journey safe and memorable.
  • People also bathe in holy rivers like the Ganga and Yamuna especially on this day to garner the blessings of deities.
  • Goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu are worshipped on this day by conducting pujas.

The word Akshaya Tritiya means imperishable or eternal. Hence, this day is the ultimate symbol of wealth and financial prosperity.


Amethyst Japa Mala

A Japa Mala is perhaps one of the most important elements of meditation. Basically, it’s a string with prayer beads that are used to count the repetitions of mantras in the sets of 27, 54 or 108. It has a start and end point which keeps one focused on the mantra and its repetitions. The beads of a Japa Mala can be made of various materials that signify various energy forces. One of the strongest and most beneficial of them is the Amethyst Japa Mala.


Though the Japa Mala had been originated in India, its use is widespread. It is used in different cultures with different names; prayer beads, rosary beads and worry beads. Apart from Hinduism, the second religion that propagates the use of a Japa Mala is Buddhism. It is basically used to help a person keep a track of the number of repetitions of a particular Sanksrit chant during meditation.

Significance of The Amethyst Japa Mala:

Among all the various materials that are used to make the beads of a Japa Mala, Amethyst is the widely used. There are numerous benefits of using an Amethyst Mala.

  • Since ages, Amethyst has been referred to as the sobriety stone as it is known to cure alcoholism. Hence, using an Amethyst Japa Mala helps a person to get rid of severe alcoholism and any forms of addiction.
  • Using an Amethyst Japa Mala calms a person and is recommended for people having hypertension and anxiety related disorders as it prevents a psychic attack.
  • It is also an excellent stone to know about one’s past life and future, if correctly used in a strict meditation routine.
  • People unable to tackle grief and depression are advised to take the help of the Amethyst Japa Mala and overcome sorrow.
  • Legal problems and financial issues can be sorted by regular meditation Japa Mala since this particular stone leads to prosperity and financial abundance.
  • Many people have also experienced the health benefits of using the Amethyst Japa Mala. It cures health problems like headaches, insomnia, arthritis, body ache, circulatory system issues, endocrine system problems, chronic fatigue and immune system deficiencies.
  • People also carry these Japa Malas with them while on a long journey as it said to protect travelers from unseen difficulties.
  • The Amethyst Japa Mala was sacred to Buddha because of its ability to activate the 6th chakra or the third eye of our body.
  • Overall, using an Amethyst Japa Mala brings stability, calmness, balance, courage and inner confidence to a person. It relieves people of negative virtues like impatience and helps the user remain grounded and humble.

The Amethyst Japamalas position and counting.The mala is resting on ring finger and last finger and thumb, index and middle finger are set free, of the right hand. The hands are resting comfortably on both knees.

The left hand is in Yogamudra posture-forming a ring with index finger and thumb

The beads are moved with the help of middle finger and thumb only, not by index finger at all

The completion of one mala 54/108 leads to coming in contact with “MERU” bead to indicate one mala is over. However to continue few more mala, not to cross “MERU” but to change the position of “mala”.The Amethyst Japa Mala is beneficial in more ways than one. Using this during meditation will help a person gain physically, mentally and spiritually.


Pooja Shankha

There are a few items that come to our mind when we organize an Indian pooja. The most important of these items is the conch shell which is more commonly known as the Shankha. The primary use of a Shankha is blowing during a religious pooja to emit a harmonious sound. However, very few people know about the numerous benefits of blowing and keeping a Shankh in their midst.


According to Hindu mythology, the Shankha was originated during the Samudramanthan or the churning of the oceans. The conch shell was used as a weapon by Lord Vishnu who directed the Moon, Sun and Varun to be stationed at the base of the Shankh, while Prajapati was on its surface and Ganga and Yamuna were at the front of the shell. Since then, the Shankha has always been a must in any Hindu religious ceremony.

Importance Of The Shankh:

There are a number of benefits associated with blowing and keeping the Shankha at a specific place.

  • It is said that the vibrations emitted from the shell while blowing it helps in destroying harmful micro bacteria that exist in the atmosphere. This fact has been justified with the help of various scientific theories as well. This is the reason why the conch shell is widely used in the field of Ayurvedic medicine as well.
  • The vibrations are also known to distress and bring calmness to the person blowing it and to all the people who hear it. It attracts the positive energies and nullifies the effect of negative energies.
  • Blowing a Shankha regularly has proved to be beneficial for people with asthma and liver problems while hearing it can solve hearing impairments.
  • It has been observed by blowing a Shankha on a daily basis has the same benefits as practicing yoga every day. Hence, it positively affects a person’s overall health.
  • It is said that offering water to the Sun Lord every day in a Shankha helps prevent eye disorders.
  • A Shankha is primarily made of calcium, phosphorous and brimstone. Hence, the holy water stored in it is said to cure skin disorders when sprinkled on patient.
  • It is said that Gangajal should be kept in a conch shell and should be drunk by people suffering from heart ailments in the morning. The concerned person will surely benefit from the holy water.
  • According to the ancient system of Vastu, keeping a Shankha at home has a number of Vaastu benefits. It nullifies the negative energies present and fills the place with renewed positivity.
  • When kept in the house, it should always be placed in the pooja room and nowhere else. The pointed tip should always face towards the deity.

The Pooja Shankha or the conch shell has a number of health and spiritual benefits. Blowing or keeping it in a place can have visible positive effects on the people around it.

Vastu Pyramid

In simple words, vastu science is basically the system of providing solutions for wrongly placed doors and windows in a house. It is said that if a house is designed according the vastu science, it will be a lot more beneficial for its residents. More and more people are now following the elements of vastu. Once such essential vastu element is the vastu pyramid which is to null the negativity of a certain place.

2-vastu-pyramidsThe triangular shape of a vastu pyramid has been connected to healing powers since time immemorial. The design of a pyramid is a powerful one and is known to connect to energy forces since a long time. The pyramid was primarily used by the Egyptians who viewed it as a spiritual symbol because it is a connection between the electromagnetic forces of the earth, star and sun.

Studies have shown that four sloping sides, when connected to each other, form a really powerful source of positive energy that nulls the effect of the negative forces. In fact, the history of pyramids has also been linked to the dome-like structure of Indian temples and the fact that we experience spiritual peace after a visit to the temple. Researches show the huge differences in the mental, physical and emotional behavior of a specific person, before and after being exposed to the helpful rays of a vastu pyramid.

Uses of Vastu Pyramid:

A Vastu Pyramid has a number of uses and benefits.

  • When placed in an office or on a work desk, the energy rays of a pyramid fill a person with the required positive energy to work and also creates a good work environment in the concerned place.
  • Medicines placed around the pyramid become more effective and beneficial.
  • Covering a cut or a wound with a vastu pyramid speed ups the recovery process.
  • Placing copper pyramids in the four corners of a house has visible effects on things like depression, anxiety and fatigue.
  • It is said that if a wish is written on a piece of paper and kept under a pyramid, chances are that it will come true in a matter of a few days.


  • A vastu pyramid is also used to cure body aches and pains by bringing it in contact with the affected body part.
  • It is said that if a pyramid is kept under the chair of a person, it increases the concentration and focus of the person. This is exceptionally helpful in the case of students.
  • Carrying a pyramid in a car leads to a safer and happier journey.

A copper pyramids healing is one of the most useful elements that the system of vastu has to offer. Many people around the world have started believing in it after seeing the results for themselves.