Vastu Pyramid

In simple words, vastu science is basically the system of providing solutions for wrongly placed doors and windows in a house. It is said that if a house is designed according the vastu science, it will be a lot more beneficial for its residents. More and more people are now following the elements of vastu. Once such essential vastu element is the vastu pyramid which is to null the negativity of a certain place.

2-vastu-pyramidsThe triangular shape of a vastu pyramid has been connected to healing powers since time immemorial. The design of a pyramid is a powerful one and is known to connect to energy forces since a long time. The pyramid was primarily used by the Egyptians who viewed it as a spiritual symbol because it is a connection between the electromagnetic forces of the earth, star and sun.

Studies have shown that four sloping sides, when connected to each other, form a really powerful source of positive energy that nulls the effect of the negative forces. In fact, the history of pyramids has also been linked to the dome-like structure of Indian temples and the fact that we experience spiritual peace after a visit to the temple. Researches show the huge differences in the mental, physical and emotional behavior of a specific person, before and after being exposed to the helpful rays of a vastu pyramid.

Uses of Vastu Pyramid:

A Vastu Pyramid has a number of uses and benefits.

  • When placed in an office or on a work desk, the energy rays of a pyramid fill a person with the required positive energy to work and also creates a good work environment in the concerned place.
  • Medicines placed around the pyramid become more effective and beneficial.
  • Covering a cut or a wound with a vastu pyramid speed ups the recovery process.
  • Placing copper pyramids in the four corners of a house has visible effects on things like depression, anxiety and fatigue.
  • It is said that if a wish is written on a piece of paper and kept under a pyramid, chances are that it will come true in a matter of a few days.


  • A vastu pyramid is also used to cure body aches and pains by bringing it in contact with the affected body part.
  • It is said that if a pyramid is kept under the chair of a person, it increases the concentration and focus of the person. This is exceptionally helpful in the case of students.
  • Carrying a pyramid in a car leads to a safer and happier journey.

A copper pyramids healing is one of the most useful elements that the system of vastu has to offer. Many people around the world have started believing in it after seeing the results for themselves.


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