Pooja Shankha

There are a few items that come to our mind when we organize an Indian pooja. The most important of these items is the conch shell which is more commonly known as the Shankha. The primary use of a Shankha is blowing during a religious pooja to emit a harmonious sound. However, very few people know about the numerous benefits of blowing and keeping a Shankh in their midst.


According to Hindu mythology, the Shankha was originated during the Samudramanthan or the churning of the oceans. The conch shell was used as a weapon by Lord Vishnu who directed the Moon, Sun and Varun to be stationed at the base of the Shankh, while Prajapati was on its surface and Ganga and Yamuna were at the front of the shell. Since then, the Shankha has always been a must in any Hindu religious ceremony.

Importance Of The Shankh:

There are a number of benefits associated with blowing and keeping the Shankha at a specific place.

  • It is said that the vibrations emitted from the shell while blowing it helps in destroying harmful micro bacteria that exist in the atmosphere. This fact has been justified with the help of various scientific theories as well. This is the reason why the conch shell is widely used in the field of Ayurvedic medicine as well.
  • The vibrations are also known to distress and bring calmness to the person blowing it and to all the people who hear it. It attracts the positive energies and nullifies the effect of negative energies.
  • Blowing a Shankha regularly has proved to be beneficial for people with asthma and liver problems while hearing it can solve hearing impairments.
  • It has been observed by blowing a Shankha on a daily basis has the same benefits as practicing yoga every day. Hence, it positively affects a person’s overall health.
  • It is said that offering water to the Sun Lord every day in a Shankha helps prevent eye disorders.
  • A Shankha is primarily made of calcium, phosphorous and brimstone. Hence, the holy water stored in it is said to cure skin disorders when sprinkled on patient.
  • It is said that Gangajal should be kept in a conch shell and should be drunk by people suffering from heart ailments in the morning. The concerned person will surely benefit from the holy water.
  • According to the ancient system of Vastu, keeping a Shankha at home has a number of Vaastu benefits. It nullifies the negative energies present and fills the place with renewed positivity.
  • When kept in the house, it should always be placed in the pooja room and nowhere else. The pointed tip should always face towards the deity.

The Pooja Shankha or the conch shell has a number of health and spiritual benefits. Blowing or keeping it in a place can have visible positive effects on the people around it.


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