Fengshui Money Frog

In the ancient philosophical system of Fengshui, there are a number of cures that are used by people around the world for numerous different reasons. One of the most significant ones is a Fengshui Money Frog that is used to improve the financial prosperity of the place where it is kept.

As per ancient Chinese legend, a Fengshui Money Frog that we see today is the embodiment of a frog named Chan Chu. It is said that one day, the wife of one of the eight immortals stole the elixir of immortality and ran. However, when she drank it, she turned into an ugly frog. Since Chan Chu also fantasized about money, she once jumped into a well full of gold coins which then gave her the title of a Fengshui Money Frog.

2-money-frog-170x170Uses And Benefits Of A Fengshui Money Frog:

  • Ideally Fengshui Money Frogs used to multiply the wealth of a person. Hence, it should be placed in the financial area of a place.
  • This Fengshui cure is also used to increase the incoming rate of money into a place, hence it is also placed around the front door of a house. It is obviously ideal that the Dragon Phoenix should face inside the house since it is aimed at increasing the inflow of money rather than the outflow.
  • Keeping it anywhere near the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom is considered disrespectful to a Fengshui Money Frog. Also, it should not be kept on the floor.
  • A person can possess up to a total of 9 Fengshui Money Frogs, though the recommended numbers are one, three, six or nine.
  • One of the perfect places to keep a Fengshui Money Frog is in the South-Eastern direction of a place as this is the specific direction associated with financial prosperity.
  • Corners are especially useful for placing this ancient Fengshui cure as they are the points where energies are accumulated and radiated.
  • A Fengshui Money Frog is also aimed at maintaining a steady growth rate of a salaried person. Hence, placing it on the work desk has also proved to be fruitful.
  • People who have newly started a business venture or have just begun with being financially independent should resort to using a Fengshui Money Forget their work place for the best of their interests. Not only will this help them in providing a stable base to their new endeavors, it also ensures that luck and prosperity stays with them.

A Fengshui Money Frog is a sacred cure that looks after all the money-related problems of a person and ensures complete financial security and prosperity. People who have used it state that it is really beneficial from the aspect of wealth.


Hanuman Wall Hangings

The legend of Lord Hanuman is closely associated with that of Lord Rama. Unfortunately, in today’s times, not many people know much about him apart from the fact that he played a major role in helping Lord Rama to win the battle against Ravana. Known by various names like Bajrang Bali, Pawanputra and Anjaneya, people in India are ardent devotees of Lord Hanuman.

1-hamuman-170x170As the historic folklore goes, Lord Hanuman played an integral part in Ramayana but interestingly enough, he has also been projected in Mahabharata. Said to be a reincarnation of Lord Shiva himself, his devotees believe that he is one of the easiest deities to please. Very often do we see people displaying their worship towards the deity through statues of Lord Hanuman. However, religious gurus are of the idea that Hanuman hangings are more beneficial than other forms of depiction.

Significance Of Hanuman Wall Hangings:

  • Since Lord Hanuman is famous for being an ardent worshipper of Lord Rama, people have set examples about his unconditional devotion. Hence, it is said that the presence of a Hanuman Wall Hanging is a symbol of worship not only to Lord Hanuman but to Lord Rama as well.
  • Worshipping Lord Hanuman is considered to be easiest way to please Lord Shani. This helps in negating the effects of shani dosha in sadhe sathi.
  • A Hanuman Wall Hanging can be hung by a person in his house or workplace. Hanging it in the house would mean added protection from negative energies whereas using it in the workplace would lead to a better and successful professional life.
  • Since the deity helped Lord Rama unite with his wife, Sita, he is also regarded as someone who plays an exemplary part in strengthening love relationships. A couple whose marriage is on the rocks, can seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman by placing this wall hanging in their bedroom.
  • A Hanuman Wall Hanging is perfect for usage in a four-wheeler vehicle. A person can seek his blessings and ensure spiritual safety during the travel by hanging this in his car.
  • A Hanuman Wall Hanging brings spiritual solace, irrespective of the form of the deity that is depicted on it. However, it is necessary to ensure that wall hanging faces the South direction of a place as all religious depictions of Lord Hanuman should face South.
  • Apart from the central area of the house, a Hanuman Wall Hanging can be hung inside the place of worship of the house.
  • It should be ensured that a Hanuman Wall Hanging should not be hung anywhere around places like a bathroom, kitchen or under a flight of stairs.
  • Since Lord Hanuman rules the planets of Mars and Saturn, a person should take the help of a Hanuman Wall Hanging to remove the malefic effects of these two planets.

Lord Hanuman is one of the most widely worshipped deities in this country; this is reinforced by the fact that many people have placed their trust in Hanuman Wall Hangings.

Crystal Gemstone Angels for Healing

Fengshui believers and practitioners put their faith in various Fengshui products. While some cures are aimed at improving financial prosperity, others are known for strengthening love relationships. In the same way, a Fengshui Angel for Healing is meant to heal a person emotionally. These statues have the power to soothe a person who is in a state of emotional distress.

1-crystal-angel-170x170This Fengshui cure has a positive effect on the human mind. An interesting fact about such figurines is that they are made out of a variety of gemstones and each Fengshui Angel is used for a different purpose. It is very essential that a person knows about the significance of each type of Angel and chooses the one best suited for his needs.

Different Types and Uses Of A Fengshui Angel:

  • A Fengshui Angel made of Labradorite is used to nullify the effect of the negative energies related to the emotion of jealousy. If a person thinks that the reasons of his downfall are the jealous intentions of the people around him, he should take the help of this figurine.
  • A Fengshui Angel made of Tiger Eye is beneficial for increasing the concentration of a person. It has been proved to be exceptionally good for people involved in creative fields.
  • If a person is suffering from sleeping disorders or is stressed, a Fengshui Angel made of Unakite acts as a perfect source of stress relief and also helps a person to get peaceful sleep.
  • The lovely pink essence of a Fengshui Angel made of Rose Quartz is made to reinforce fidelity in a love relationship. A couple should place this figurine in their bedroom for marital bliss and a stronger romantic relationship.
  • A Carnelian Fengshui Angel is used to bring good luck for a person, either personally or professionally.
  • A Fengshui Angel made of Dalmation Jasper is perfect for healing emotional wounds and helping people to move on in life.
  • Growth in business and academic excellence is aided by the presence of a Fengshui Angel made of Fluorite.
  • If a person wants to increase his financial prosperity, a Fengshui Angel made of Green Jade is a great way of attracting wealth.
  • A Fengshui Angel made of Tibetian Turquoise is aimed at protecting his user from physical injuries.
  • If the purpose of using a Fengshui Angel is to overcome the laziness and enhance vigour in life, a figurine made of Ruby in Zoisite should be used.
  • This Fengshui cure is also a great gifting option for friends and family.

A Crystal Gemstone Angels for Healing, irrespective of the gemstone, brings emotional peace, calmness and balance into a person’s life. It can be placed in the house or a workplace of a person, depending on his personal desire.

Coin Bracelet

If you ask a Fengshui believer for one of the oldest elements of the philosophical system, he will tell you about the Chinese Fengshui coins. They are small metal coins which are round-shaped and have a square-shaped hole in the centre. Along with bringing prosperity to the user, these coins are also a significance of wealth and monetary prosperity. The best part about these coins is that they can be used in any form, however people around the world believe in wearing a Coin Bracelet because of

01-large_2301_b_8121214The round shape of the coins symbolizes heaven while the square shape of the hole in the centre signifies earth. A bracelet is formed when many Chinese coins are stringed using a red thread. A red thread is specifically used as it further brings out the power of the coins. However, this was the traditional way of tying a coin bracelet. Nowadays, these bracelets are modified to double up as beautiful pieces of jewellery.

These coins have originated in the Chinese civilization and as the legend goes, Chinese people used to believe in wearing a Coin Bracelet even in that era. They have been passed on since generations and have evolved as what we now know as a Coin Bracelet.

Significance Of A Coin Bracelet:

A Coin Bracelet made with Chinese coins have numerous significances. We are about to list a few.

  • It is a known fact among Fengshui believers that wearing a Coin Bracelet regularly can protect the particular person from the risk of diseases and illness. It is said that the coins act as a stimulating agent for various chakras of the body, which in turn boosts the immunity power of the body.
  • A Coin Bracelet has powers that can repel any bad luck or negative influences. Many people around the world have benefitted from this as they have experienced positive changes in their environment by wearing a Coin Bracelet.
  • Coin bracelets continue to be an attractive force for wealth and financial abundance. According to ancient Fengshui culture, letting a Coin Bracelet stay in close contact with the body helps one professionally. Wearing this particular bracelet to important places can boost your confidence and gives a rise to professional and monetary success.
  • A Coin Bracelet is beautiful and tends to bring a soothing effect on the body. Women, can wear intricately designed Coin Necklaces and men can opt for eye-catching Coin Bracelets.
  • Coin Jewellery is one of the best gifting options to someone who takes a keen interest in this ancient philosophical system.

A Coin Bracelet made out of Chinese coins can accentuate the beauty of a person along with being a constant source of positivity and good luck. Wearing this on a regular basis can bring calmness to a person’s life. This beautiful Chinese coin bracelet has which represent the finer things in life and happiness. Coins are believed to purify and repel negative energy and attract positive energy. Chinese coins symbolize good luck and prosperity.

Feng Shui Carp Fish –Uses and Placement

The old philosophical system of Fengshui consists of a number of elements that are a source of spiritual energy. One of the most proclaimed elements is the Fengshui carp. More commonly known as the Chinese symbol of fish, carp is said to bring financial success and marital bliss along with good luck and positive energy. A typical Fengshui carp image could consist of the Arowana fish, Koi fish or the goldfish.

006Since ancient times, the symbol of fish has been synonymous with the abundance in wealth in the ancient Chinese culture. According to history, the carps attempted to swim against the powerful current of the Yellow River, in the hope that they could swim through the Dragon Gates and be transformed into a Dragon. Their treacherous journey is significant of virtues like determination, strength and courage. Plus, the fact that the carps would repeatedly jump out of water towards heaven, symbolizes the attainment of ambitions and goals.

Since that time, the carps have been connected to things like education success, financial well being and marital bliss. As a matter of fact, fish are also associated with water. Since water stands for the bringer of life and the abundance of prosperity, a Feng Shui Carp Fish also portrays these virtues. An image or a statue portraying the carp brings good luck and positivity to the people around.

Beliefs related to the Fengshui Carp:

A Fengshui carp symbolizes a variety of things, though the placement and the details of the particular element brings out the actual purpose.

  • A traditional carp symbol when placed at the study desk of an individual, tends to bring educational success.
  • It is advised to people looking for financial success in their business to place 8 pieces of carp around their work desk. It is said that when the number 8 is collaborated with the age-old symbol of Chinese carp, abundance of wealth and prosperity surely follow.
  • A symbol of Carp Fish when placed in the living room of a household dissipates the negative energy of the family and prevents arguments and tension among the members.
  • People looking for marital bliss usually place a couple of Chinese fish in their bedroom for a better and happier relationship.
  • Apart from this, it is also recommended to place a carp around water elements, like a pond or aquarium because a combination of Chinese fish and water symbolizes the epitome of success, wealth, peace and good health.

A Feng Shui Arowana Fish is the symbol of hardship and will power. Fengshui followers rely greatly on this piece of tradition because it has proved to be beneficial for many. An image of carp brings in good luck and positive energy to its surroundings while calming the minds of the people around it.

Feng Shui Good Luck Card

Fengshui is one of the oldest philosophical systems in the world. Though it belongs to the Buddhist and Tibetan culture, it is now followed all across the globe. Fengshui elements are in high demand in India and abroad. One such element is a Buddha Good Luck Card which offers good luck and harmony to the family. It has proven to be a consistent and effective answer for all the problems related to luck.

004-gud-luck-cardBenefits And Utilities Of The Product:

The purposes of a Buddha Good Luck Card are as follows:

  • The card is said to bring good luck into a household by creating vibrant and contagious positive fengshui energy.
  • It has proven to solve all career-related problems if always kept along.
  • A Buddha Good Luck Card is also said to have powers that can instantly solve all business and wealth related issues. Solving all kinds of financial problems is a major aspect of this card.
  • This auspicious card is the best way to success. If kept along while starting an important endeavor, one will surely succeed.
  • Bad luck tends to stay miles away if the help of this fengshui element is taken. Good luck will instantly surround one and one would see a positive change in the attitude towards life.
  • This card when placed around the entry of a home, brings good luck to the family.
  • This good luck element is portable and can be easily carried in one’s wallet for luck on the go!

The Golden card ever since it has been used by people has helped them flourish them with the best health and success as well as good luck that one can ask for. The Good luck Cards are considered by some as the best for the upliftment of ill health and bad luck.

Feng Shui Crystal Ball

The primary purpose of most Fengshui elements is to bring good luck in a certain place. Nevertheless, there are some elements that are primarily used for scrying and fortunetelling. One of these are a Fengshui Crystal Grazing Ball. In fact, this beautiful crystal ball is one of the most powerful and popular things used for predicting the future.

002-ballFengshui Crystal Balls have been used for thousands of years for the purpose of fortune telling. It was first seen in the birthplace of Fengshui, the Chinese civilization. Contrary to popular belief, the ball does not have magical powers that instantly foretells a person’s future. Scrying is the art of looking into a reflective surface and looking for the answers to one questions. The surface could even be anything as simple as water.A Crystal Ball simple serves the purpose of portraying the proceedings of the subconscious mind.In simple words, it allows a person to disassociate with his consciousness, enter a trance-like state and get access to the mystical insight of one’s sub consciousness. It is said that it contains reflective energies, hence special care should be taken towards the storage, cleansing, handling and charging of this special ball, failing which the ball may lose its energies and become unproductive.

Uses of the Crystal Ball:

The Fengshui Crystal Ball is used for a variety of purposes.

  • As discussed above, the ball is primarily used for the purpose of scrying and fortune telling.
  • Apart from this, it is used by people as a constant source of positive energy and good luck.
  • Many people also use it as a calming source during meditation. It acts as a visionary to the spiritual world when used during meditation.
  • Along with being a Fengshui necessity, the placement of this ball is also important. When placed in a business area or workstation, it ensures the constant flow of money and wealth in the concerned place.
  • If placed around the study desk of a student, education success is observed.
  • It is also seen that if a ball is placed in a room where frequent arguments take place, it visibly reduces the rate of family quarrels by calming people’s minds.
  • Two crystal balls are advised to be kept in the room of a couple for a better and successful love relationship.
  • A ball can be placed inside a car for luck that travels along with you.

Different coloured Fensghui Crystal Balls stand for different virtues. Nonetheless, all of them are used as a source of positive energy and stand for things like optimism, well-sightedness and a peaceful mind.

Feng Shui Meridian Ducks

When we speak of Fengshui, we think of an ancient Chinese philosophical system. A person who is a follower of Fengshui knows that it contains sacred cures for a number of psychological and spiritual problems. In the same way, the Fengshui Love Birds are quite popular among people because of their ability to strengthen a love bond.

2-ducksThe origin of love birds began with Mother Nature. Interestingly, there are a few species of birds who cannot survive without each other. They stay together throughout their lifetime and are said to die together too. Just as life ends for one of the birds in the pair, the other follows suit. That’s the bond between a pair of love birds.The Fengshui Love Birds also signify the unending love between a pair of actual love birds. A beautiful, miniature statue of the Fengshui Love Birds is meant to bring two individuals closer.

Significance Of Fengshui Love Birds:

  • Fengshui Love Birds are said to enhance the romantic aspect of a relationship. Hence, it would make all the more difference if they are placed in the bedroom of the concerned couple.
  • Apart from love and romance, this Fengshui cure also brings an end to the various relationship problems between couple. Be it the dying spark of a relationship or an unnecessary misunderstanding, people from all over the world state they have noticed major positive changes in their love relationships after taking help from the Fengshui Love Birds.
  • This Fengshui element also depicts loyalty and infidelity. Hence, the couple that believes in it will be less likely to face trust issues in their relationship.
  • The Fengshui Love Birds are also a perfect gift for your partner. This will make sure that your love relationship never loses its charm. As a matter of fact, it can also be a great gift for newly wedded couples as it signifies life-long companionship.

Fengshui Meridian Ducks are a symbol of love and romance in a relationship. Placing a statue of a pair of these birds in the bedroom of a couple has a positive and strengthening effect on the bond they share.

Fengshui Kwan Yin

Among all the elements prevalent in the ancient Fengshui system, the statue of Kwan Yin holds much importance. Associated primarily with Mother Mary and compassion, Goddess Kwan Yin is worshipped in a number of forms. People believe that keeping a miniature figurine of Kwan Yin in a particular place results in radiating positive energy and good luck.

2-kwan-yinLady Buddha / Guan Yin / Kwan Yin / Kuan Yin as per Feng Shui is the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. Guan is believed to touch the hearts and souls of human beings. This Divya Mantra Feng Shui Kwan Yin statue helps in creating a sense of peace and providing relief from stress. Kwan Yin expresses the positive energy of being protective and loving like the love of mother for her child. Placement: Place the Kwan Yin statue on a height of atleast 3 feet facing the entrance of the home or office. It is never to be placed on the floor or in the bathroom or kitchen.

Not many people know that Kwan Yin is not only a popular deity in China but is also worshipped by followers of Buddhism in places like Korea, Japanand Malaysia. She has been associated with qualities like purity, humanity and unconditional love which is why she is referred by her followers as god-like ! As the Lady Buddha goes, it is said that Kwan Yin was on the threshold of heaven and just a step away from attaining eternal peace when she heard the pain and agony of the world. This made her turn around and head out in the quest of peace for humanity. Her remarkable sacrifice is the reason why she is now treated as a sacred Fengshui cure.

Benefits Of Fengshui Kwan Yin:

The Kwan Yin has numerous benefits when placed correctly.

  • The best place for a Kwan Yin statue should be decided depending on its colour. While a white or metal statue results in prosperity of the house if placed facing the West, a green jade statue is meant to face the East direction.
  • However, the best place to keep such a statue is around the main entrance of the house. This way, not only will it regulate the negative energy entering the house but will also be a pleasant sight for visitors.
  • A Kwan Yin statue should never be placed around the bathroom, toilet or on the floor. A minimum height of 3 feet is advised for the perfect placement of this Fengshui cure.
  • Goddess Feng Shui Kwan Yin is also closely related to love, hence her statue should be placed in the bedroom of a couple as it tends to lead to a stronger love bond between the two individuals.
  • Legend says that the Goddess protects her followers during sickness. Hence, placing her statue around an ill person proves to be beneficial.
  • Placing the Kwan Yin statue in the common place of worship of the house helps all the members of the family collectively seek blessings from the Goddess.
  • If there is a strong imbalance in the family that is resulting in frequent arguments between the members, help from the Fengshui cure should be taken by placing the statue in the central area of the house.

Goddess Kwan Yin is known to be an embodiment of Lord Buddha and Mother Mary. Hence, the Fengshui cure in the form of her statue is beneficial for all her followers.