Vastu Purush

Vastu is the art of building a space in such a way that it’s harmony with nature is maintained. Vastu experts all over the world seek help from the universal Vastu compass, popularly known as the Vastu Purush. From a broader aspect, the Vastu Purush is a historic creature whose placement governs the basic dos and don’ts of Vastu. Apart from following the regulations associated with the art of Vastu, people also believe in placing an idol of the Vastu Purush in a particular space in order to ensure added benefits.

Vastu-PurushAccording to Hindu mythology, the Vastu Purushhas quite an interesting story. Apparently, Lord Brahma experimented with a new creature by creating a large, cosmic man who grew larger with every passing day. Eventually, he grew so huge that his shadow fell on the Earth just like an eclipse. Brahma realized his mistake and took the help of the Gods of the eight cardinal directions to hold the creature flat on the earth. He, in turn pleaded to Lord Brahma for mercy and finally, pleased by his prayers, Brahma granted him a boon that people will have to worship him andseek his blessings while initiating any new construction work. Since then, the Vastu Purush has become synonymous with the art of Vastu.

Benefits Of Vastu Purush Idol:

  • It is said that placing an idol of Vastu Purush in a particular place absorbs the negative energies of that space and fills it with positivity instead.
  • People try their best to construct their home or workspace according to rules of Vastu. However, sometimes they may fail to do so. In that case, placing a figurine of Vastu Purush in the place can counterbalance the negative effects of the defects in Vastu.
  • Being made of Punchadhatu or a mixture of five metals, the idol never loses its effectiveness and proves to be a lifelong asset.
  • The Vastu Purush idol is known to boost the productivity of all the residents of the house. Apart from that, it is also noticed that people live a healthier and longer life in the presence of this beneficial idol.
  • Worshipping the idol of Vastu Purush before investing in property or taking any major property decisions brings success.
  • The Vastu Purush idol is also a very good gift option to someone who is engaged in the business of property and construction or is about to begin the construction of their own place.

The Vastu Purush statues is considered to be the God of Vastu and is the perfect balance between man and nature. Placing his figurine in a particular place means seeking his blessings. Vastu practitioners and believers say that nothing can match up to the importance of the Vastu Purush in the art of Vastu.


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