venus-shukra-170x170Venus is the brightest planet of the solar system. It is also called the morning star as it can be spotted early in the morning. Venus brings beauty in the life. The pleasure of married life and luxuries are ruled by Venus. Music, art, literature are the profession ruled by Venus. A weak Venus may affect marital life as well as bring skin problems and affect sex organs.


Venus – Shukra in hindi

Venus – Goddess of love

Day- Friday

Colour – White

Orbit in one zodiac – 28 days Orbit in complete zodiac – 11 months

Own sign – Libra

Friendly planets – Mercury, Saturn, Rahu

Enemy Planets – Sun, Moon

Organs Rules – Eyes Nose Throat and sex organs

Metal – Silver Gemstone – Diamond

Venus is important in greek mythology also as Venus was Aphrodite the goddess of beauty. The song Diamond are girls best friend symbolizes venus. Venus for Love & Luxury Lifestyle matures in everyone life at the age of 25.


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