Goddess Durga Idol

Goddess Durga is the greatest goddess of the Hindus, the consort of Lord Shiva and is worshipped in different forms corresponding to her benevolence and fierceness. Her miraculous arrival on earth was because of the tyranny of the monster demon, Mahisasur, who through terrific asceticism had acquired invincible strength. For vanquishing the demon, only Goddess Shakti could fight. Thus, by the joined effort of Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva, Goddess Durga was created. She was sent to the battle with he


Since then the goddess is invoked for protection from the powers of evil. In Her honour, Durga Puja is observed for around ten days in the months of April as Basanti Puja and in October as Durga Puja every year.An idol of Goddess Durga is mainly made of clay and mud. For the purpose of worshipping at homes, it can be made of different metals.

The Benefits Of An Idol Of Goddess Durga Are:

.An idol of Goddess Durga symbolizes triumph of good over evil. So, to keep evil odds away, one can worship Goddess Durga.

.An idol of Goddess Durga symbolizes Shakti, i.e., the feminine energy and power. Goddess Durga always protects Her devotees from wickedness.

.Goddess Durga is supposed to be a combination of Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Kali. Thus, students can worship an idol of Goddess Durga for better results in their exams and further studies.

.An idol of Goddess Durga can serve as a combination of all the divine powers of all the gods as she was created by the three mighty Lords-Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

.An idol of Goddess Durga can help in preserving moral order and righteousness around a person. One who worships Goddess Durga performs every duty in life.

.An idol of Goddess Durga eliminates the feelings of arrogance, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, anger, selfishness and greed from the members of the family.

.The conch in an idol of Goddess Durga represents happiness. Thus, devotion to Goddess Durga brings in happiness in the house.

. An idol of Goddess Durga helps one to detach oneself from the external world.

.Devoting ones prayers to Goddess Durga helps in bringing happiness and contentment between couples. Problems of disloyalty and lack of love among couples can be resolved with the help of an idol of Goddess Durga.

.An idol of Goddess Durga gives courage. Courage lets one to fight against all odds in life.

.An idol of Goddess Durga gives one the power to forgive people and reduce anger.

.An idol of Goddess Durga provides man with the opportunity for salvation and enjoyment in life.

.One can gift an idol of Goddess Durga to their near and loved ones for their prosperity in life.


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