Radha krishna

An example of love and romance from the ancient times has been the love story of Lord Krishna and his eternal love, Radha. It is the combination of both the feminine and masculine aspects of God. Radha is said to be the five elemental bodies of the feeling of love towards the almighty Lord Krishna. Radha is said to be the Supreme Goddess as She controls Lord Krishna.

slide7-Divya Mantra Radha krishna IdolIn the story of Rasleela of Krishna, the two souls of Lord Krishna and Radha, since childhood, are said to be attached to each other through the feeling of love. Lord Krishna used to play with Radha during their tender ages and also trouble her during her work. Both of them used to like the naughtiness of Krishna. Gradually, as they grew old, they formed feelings of love and romance for each other. This feeling of their love is considered to be eternal.

In sweet memory of this eternal love story, there are idols and pictures of Radha and Krishna together in different sizes.

The benefits of keeping an idol of Radha Krishna are:

.An idol of Radha Krishna is said to be a model for divine grace and blessing of

Lord Krishna and Radha.

.An idol of Radha Krishna can be placed in the house for happy and long lasting married life.

.An idol of Radha Krishna brings in harmony, marital bliss and stability at home.

.If there are problems in a relationship, one can bring an idol of Radha Krishna for

peace of mind and happiness in a relationship.

.As an idol of Radha Krishna consists of both the feminine and the masculine forms of the Super powers and Lord Krishna is the abode of intelligence, knowledge, freedom from delusion, forgiveness, truth, restraint of the senses, pleasure, pain, tranquility, birth, death, fear and also security, harmlessness, contentment, equability, penance, making gifts, glory, disgrace, thus with the mounting of an idol of Radha Krishna, all these qualities can be incorporated in the members of the family.

.With the help of an idol of Radha Krishna, one can possess spiritual disciplines free from indecision.

.An idol of Radha Krishna helps one to take the right decisions regarding any matter of life, be it marriage, studies, job or any other issues.

.An idol of Radha Krishna brings in contentment and happiness in the family.

.An idol of Radha Krishna removes any evil thoughts about women disgrace and brings in the thoughts of respect for all women.


Radha Krishna is the eternal pair; their love is celebrated throughout the universe. Radha and Krishna are said to be inseparable. So, for a long lasting and happy life, one should fetch an idol of Radha Krishna.



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