Saraswati Yantram

Shri Saraswati YantramAccording to Hindu mythology, Goddess Sarawati has been associated with the enhancement of knowledge. Known as the bestower of wisdom, Goddess Saraswati is religiously worshipped by people involved in the academic and creative fields. While she is worshipped by her followers primarily through idols and photographs, a Saraswati Yantram is specifically used to seek her blessings in our day-to-day lives.

Also known as the Vak Devi or the goddess of speech and Sakala Kaladhi shtatri or the goddess of all arts, Goddess Saraswati is known to help a person hone their skills. Therefore, a Saraswati Yantram also serves the same purpose. The history of this device dates back to when some followers of Brahmadev had the vision of a Goddess. When they understood their inner voice that the deity is none other than Goddess Saraswati herself, she was pleased with the followers and gifted them this Yantram. This Yantram is basically a metal plate made of Panchadhatu or five metals, with an inscribed pattern that reinforces the blessing of Goddess Saraswati.

Significance Of A Saraswati Yantram:

  • Firstly, since Goddess Saraswati  is known for honing the academic skills of a person, it is primarily used by students. Apart from the regular users, this Yantram is particularly advised to students who are weak with the concentration power or memory skills. Keeping this Yantram always by one’s side enhances such powers and skills.
  • Apart from academic students, Goddess Saraswati is also worshipped by people in the artistic and creative fields. It is said that using this Yantram provides a better understanding of music, dance and other creative arts.
  • As per astrological charts, those who suffer from the malefic effects of the planet Jupiter should use this Yantram to nullify such ill effects.
  • A Saraswati Yantram is also a known remedy for people suffering mental disorders and stunted intellectual growth.
  • Students who have faced a major setback in academics or are trying to resume after a long break should seek the help of a Saraswati Yantram to get back on track.
  • This is an exceptional cure for women! Married women should take the help of a Saraswati Yantram for marital bliss while spinsters should rely on its powers of finding an ideal match.
  • A Saraswati Yantram can be placed anywhere in a house but the place of worship or the puja room is the ideal place, where everyone can worship it.
  • Because of the small size of the Yantram, it can easily be carried by a person in a wallet or bag, especially if one requires the blessings of Goddess Saraswati on the go.

Swearing by a Saraswati Yantram instantly results in an increase in innovative thinking and creativity, along with bringing positive energies in a person’s life.


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