Surya Graha Yantra

Divya Mantra Surya (Sun) Graha Yantra PendantMany people in India are ardent believers of the Vedic astrology system. The position of the nine planets or grahas in a person’s birth chart play an important role in the way his life shapes up. One of the most important and influential planets of the system is the Sun God or Surya Graha. The positioning of the Surya Graha plays a very important part in deciding the way a person’s life functions. To please the Sun God and nullify the ill effects of the Surya Graha, people use Surya Graha Yantra

Being the principal planet that sustains all other planets and human beings, the Surya Graha has a strong effect on a person’s astrological charts. That’s why this planet is also known as the father of the solar system. Surya Graha Yantra has been designed in a way that it enhances the positive effects and nullifies the ill effects of the planet. It is basically a metal plate made of Panchadhatu, which has an inscription which proves beneficial to its user.

Significance of Surya Graha Yantra:

  • As known as its primary purpose, Surya Graha Yantra is basically used to rectify the negative effects that the unfavorable positioning of the planet has on the astrological charts.
  • People who are facing a lot of negative energy and negative people should resort to the use of Surya Graha Yantra to turn the negativity into positivity.
  • Surya Graha Yantra is one such device that affects both the professional and personal lives of a person in a positive way. Hence, a person suffering from any kinds of problem should take the help of this yantra.
  • Ideally, when this yantra is placed inside a house, it should be kept in the place of worship or the puja room. This way all the family members can worship it.
  • Due to its easy-to-use nature, Surya Graha Yantra can easily be worn around the neck or carried in the wallet of the user. In this way, a person is always on the receiving end of the blessings of Surya God.
  • It is said that using this yantra on a regular basis protects a person from any upcoming troubles, problems and accidents.
  • Vedic experts are of the opinion that Surya Graha Yantra is a proven remedy for some major illnesses, especially the ones related to the eyes.
  • If a person is stuck in a long-lasting court case, he should take the help of Surya Graha Yantra. It is noticed that the judgment is in the favour of the user.

Surya Graha Yantra is a great way to ensure protection from all sorts of negative energies and unfortunate incidents that may cross our path in the future.


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