Om Vastu 5 Rudraksha Windchime

Windchimes play a very important role in the ancient philosophical system of Fengshui. It is said that their tinkling sound has the power of soothing the soul of a person. But out of all the various types of windchimes, the Om Vastu 5 Rudraksha WindChime is of special mention. This windchime, which effortlessly incorporates Om, Rudraksha, and the positivity of a windchime, is a must-have for every Fengshui believer.

Feng Shui Om Vastu 5 Rudraksha WindchimeIn the medieval age, wind chimes were used to ward off wild animals. But over the years, it has evolved to become one of the most widely used Fengshui cures. On the other hand, while Om is a significant part of Fengshui, Rudraksha is gaining popularity in the Fengshui system, in spite of having been originated from Hindu culture. Hence, the collaboration of all these three sacred elements increases the power of this Fengshui cure.

Placement Of Om Vastu 5 Rudraksha Windchime:

  • When it comes to the placement of a wind chime, it should ideally be hung in a place where it can freely sway with the winds. The best place would be in the garden, balcony, or facing a window.
  • It is also said that the healing power of a wind chime enhances with the increase in its motion. Hence, it should be taken care of that there is no obstruction between the wind and the chime.
  • Since, an Om Vastu 5 Rudraksha Wind Chime also has the added benefits of Om and 5 Rudraksha, the healing powers of this specific Fengshui cure increases manifold.
  • AnOm Vastu 5 Rudraksha Wind Chime is an excellent way to combat the negative energy present in a place. It is said that if placed in such a way that it faces the main door of a place, it protects the place from any incoming negative energy.
  • Some Fengshui experts also believe that an Om Vastu 5 Rudraksha Wind Chime has the power to detect the presence of evil spirits and wards off ghosts.
  • This charm also helps to circulate the positive energies of a place, when the owners are away for long periods of time.
  • Experts believe that an Om Vastu 5 Rudraksha Wind Chime has the power to eliminate mental stress and anxiety. The light tinkling sound and soft vibrational notes of the chimes soothe and restore the calmness of the soul.
  • An Om Vastu 5 Rudraksha Wind Chime also happens to be a great gift idea, especially for someone who is a Fengshui believer and is setting up his house.

An Om Vastu 5 Rudraksha Wind Chime is considered to be a good luck charm by many people, which is why it is such a popular element in the Fengshui world.


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