Dream Catcher

There are a number of elements in this world that have their own interesting legend and purpose. One of the most intriguing things is a dream catcher. Ideally comprising of a circular web of threads with colourful feathers hanging from the hoop, dream catchers are now available in a variety of patterns, colours, and added embellishments.

DVYM0004208(3)-800x800The legend of dream catchers dates back to ancient times when Native Americans began believing in their power. People belonging to the Ojibwa nation began making these objects at home, before the trend eventually caught on with other Americans. The belief behind a dream catcher is that the night air is filled with dreams of both good and bad kind. A dream catcher is ideally supposed to be hung over a person’s bed, where it can swing freely in the air and catch dreams as they flow by. The good dreams know their way out from the thread web and slide down the feathers to the sleeper. The bad dreams, on the other hand, get tangled in the loop and succumb with the first light of the next morning.

Benefits Of Using A Dream Catcher:

  • As the name suggests, a dream catcher is primarily used to filter dreams, so that the person sleeping under it has an undisturbed and peaceful sleep pattern. It is hung in a person’s bedroom, right over the bed.
  • People who complain of frequent nightmares should take the help of a dream catcher to conquer such bad dreams.
  • It is said that a person suffering from any sleep disorders or amnesia should resort to using a dream catcher for faster recovery.
  • According to ancient belief, a dream catcher is also used to protect a person from evil spirits that roam during the night.
  • Tastefully decorated dream catchers add to the beautiful interior decoration of a person’s bedroom.
  • A dream catcher also makes for an ideal gift for a person’s loved ones. Most people believe that a dream catcher, when gifted, serves better purpose and faster results.
  • Nowadays, vibrant dream catchers are available in smaller sizes that make for excellent car hangings, thus becoming a source of positive energies even during a journey.

A blue dream catcher is used by many people around the world due to its purposeful design and vibrant look.


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