Ram Darbar

divya-mantra-ram-darbarAn idol of the Ram Darbar shows Lord Ram, the seventh avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu, with his consort Sita, another avatar of Goddess Laxmi, and younger brother Lakshman. This statue is made of brass metal using sand casting technique. In the Hindu mythologies, Lord Ram is pictured as the ideal man and the perfect human. For the sake of his father’s honour, Rama had to abandon his claim to Kosala’s throne to serve an exile of fourteen years in the forest. His wife Sita and brother Lakshman.

According to Hindu mythologies, Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshman are of great importance. Speacially in the holy book of Ramayana, where Lord Ram faces a fierce group of demons to win back his wife Sita, and he was all the way accompanied by his younger brother Lakshman.

If we go strictly by the Hindu mythologies, then we would come to the fact that Lord Ram possessed qualities which include the likes of humble, soft nature, forgiving and caring. He has been an example of a perfect man, who would go up to do anything to get his wife back to him. He was a son, who could spend 14 long years in exile just because his father had asked him to. He was a caring brother who cared more about his brother Lakshman than himself.

Lakshman is the ultimate example of selflessness. Lakshman had followed his brother to the exile when he was not asked to. He did all that he could to save his respected sister-in-law and yet again, he was never for a single time disrespectful towards his brother.

Sita resembles the example of purity and unconditional love. Although she had been maltreated by the demon king Ravana, she never did allow him to mallice her sovernity in any possible way. Her Lakshmi avatar is a symbol of richness and harmony. The ultimate queen to the land of riches, Lakshmi not only represents monetary benefits, but also food and other consumable things.

Thus, an idol of Ram Darbar is contemplation on the a variety of divine qualities of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita, which purifies the mind of man and renders it pious.


Fengshui Crystal Diamond Set

feng-shui-crystal-diamond-setAmong all the different types of elements that are considered sacred according to the ancient philosophical system of Fengshui, diamonds are considered to be an exceptional cure. Diamonds have the amazing ability of soothing the mind and body of a person, hence they are considered to be master-healers. Also known as the chakra healing agents, diamonds are considered sacred in Fengshui because no other element can match up to its power of bringing peace into a person’s life.

Each Fengshui Crystal Diamond supports various parts of our body and mind. Hence, a group of such diamonds combine to work towards the overall betterment of a person. It is said that greater the number of diamonds in the set, better is the effect of the set.

Uses Of A Fengshui Crystal Diamond Set:

  • Diamonds are a symbol of the abundance of wealth. Hence, the usage of a Fengshui Crystal Diamond Set ensures the free-flow of money and protects the person from any upcoming financial problems.
  • If a person is suffering from nightmares and disturbed sleep patterns, a Fengshui Crystal Diamond Set should be placed in their bedroom, since diamonds are known to put an end to fear, negative imaginations and hallucinations.
  • Fengshui experts advise that a businessman or an employer should place a Fengshui Crystal Diamond Set in their office. This promotes harmony among the employees which eventually leads to better and a more pleasant work environment.
  • If viewed from the health aspect, diamonds have proven to be fantastic remedies for a number of diseases. A Fengshui Crystal Diamond Set cures health issues related to constipation, urine discharge and matters related to the brain. It is even considered to be vital in curing strokes, epilepsy and ageing health issues.
  • A Fengshui Crystal Diamond Set has the power to heal a person emotionally. It is recommended to place this cure in the surroundings of a person who is in a traumatic state or is currently going through emotional crisis.
  • Our body comprises of a number of important chakras which ultimately affect the working of our entire body. A Fengshui Crystal Diamond Set is most famous for its chakra-healing properties.
  • A Fengshui Crystal Diamond Set should be kept in the central area of a house, so that all the members of the family can benefit from the positive energies that radiate from the diamonds.
  • A Fengshui Crystal Diamond Set discharges positive vibrations while absorbing the negative ones. Due to its high-frequency energy, it is also considered to a good luck charm by many Fengshui believers.

A Fengshui Crystal Diamond Set helps a specific person or a group of people in more ways than one; that’s why people all over the world believe in the power of these beautiful gems.

Shri Navgraha Yantra

shri-navgraha-yantraPeople in India are ardent followers of Vedic astrology. As per the guidelines of this ancient form of astrology, the nine planets or grahas are the primary rulers of a person’s destiny. Theposition of these nine planets, namely Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Rahu, and Ketu, are what primarily influences a person’s life during various stages of his lifetime. While each of these planets have certain beneficial effects, their malefic effects are what trouble people the most. Hence, Vedic experts recommend using a Shree Navgraha Yantra to nullify the harmful effects of the planets.

Ideally, the Navgraha Yantra is a square-shaped piece made of Panchadhatu, or a mixture of five metals. Since it is a combined device for all the nine planets, the yantra is divided into nine squares, each representing one planet. Hence, the yantra proves to be fruitful in lessening the harmful effects of the nine planets in an overall way.

Benefits Of Shree Navgraha Yantra:

  • The primary purpose of using Shree Navgraha Yantra is to negate the adverse effects of any of the nine planets. If a person has this Yantra in his surroundings for a prolonged period of time, he is said to observe positive changes in his life.
  • A Shree Navgraha Yantra is also used to increase the positive effects of the nine grahas. Sometimes, the beneficial effects of the planets require a source of external enhancement to show results. This Vedic cure is the perfect example of such a source.
  • The ideal place of keeping a Shree Navgraha Yantra inside a house is the place of worship. The puja area of a place enhances the effects of the yantra and leads to better and faster results.
  • Apart from the puja room, this yantra can also be placed inside a house. But the best results can be seen only when it is kept in the central area, where all the family members can view it easily.
  • A Shree Navgraha Yantra is especially recommended for people whose birth charts indicate negative positioning of the nine planets, because of which they have had to suffer in their personal and professional lives.
  • Nowadays, a Shree Navgraha Yantra is also available in the form of a wall hanging. This allows a person to easily hang this Vedic cure in the central area of a house and reap its good benefits.
  • A good thing about this wall hanging is that it can also be easily hung inside a car to maintain its spiritual aura even while travelling. The powerful yantra protects the passengers during the entire journey.

It has been observed that the lifelong worship of a Shree Navgraha Yantra maximizes the positive influences of the nine planets greatly.

Ganesha head key chain

lord-ganeshaLord Ganesh is one of the most worshipped and best known deities in the Hindu religion. He is known as the son of Lord Shiv and Goddess Parvati. The sign of recognizing Lord Ganesha is by His elephant like head. There is a story behind this. When Shiva killed Aditya, the son of a sage, he was raged out. So, to restore life to the dead boy, Lord Shiva replaced Aditya’s head to Indra’s elephant. At that time, the sage cursed Lord Shiv that his son would have the same fate. After creating Ganesh, Goddess Parvati ordered him to guard the door and not allow anyone to come in. when Shiv came, although he claimed himself to be her husband, Ganesh denied him entry. Angrily, Shiv cut his head. When Parvati came to know about it, she got furious. Shiv pleaded Brahma to get the head of the first creature that is lying with its head facing north. Brahma soon returned with the head of an elephant and replacing Ganesh’s head, his life was restored. Since then, Lord Ganesha is prayed with an elephant head.

People, to receive blessings from Lord Ganesha, chant various mantras. Some of them are:

.           “Aum Shri Ganeshay Namah”

This is the mantra of prayer, love and adoration. It is chanted to get Ganesha’s blessings for the positive starting of a project, work or simply to offer him the praise.

.           “Aum Vakratundaya Hum”

When things are not in your favor, or when the minds of the people turn negative, depressed or discouraged, the attention of Ganesha may be drawn by this mantra to straighten their ways. In addition, this mantra could also be used for healing any spinal problem, such as curvature of the spine or curved limbs. Dedicate 1,008 repetitions of this holy word to straighten and heal such deficiencies.

.           “Aum Kshipra Prasadaya Namah”

If some danger or negative energy is coming your way and you don’t know how to get rid of that danger, with true devotion, practice this mantra for quick blessing and purification of one’s aura.

.           “Aum Shrim Hrim Klim Glaum Gam Ganapataye vara varada sarva janamme vashamanaya svaha”

It says that shower Your blessings, O Lord. I offer my ego as an oblation.

.           “Aum Sumukhaya Namah”

It means you will be always very beautiful in soul, in spirit, in fact, everything. By meditating on this mantra, very pleasing manners and a beauty comes on you. Along with that comes peace, which constantly works in your eyes; and the words you speak are all filled with that power of love.

Lord Ganesha’s four arms stand for helping humanity. He is the patron of literature. Thus, for prosperity and intelligence, a Ganesha head key chain comes in handy.

Shani Graha and Saade Satti

shani-yantraVedic astrology has a long and interesting past. It basically relates to the positions of the nine planets during the birth of an individual and its entire life-course. It is not an unknown fact that one of the most powerful and dreaded planets out of the nine is Saturn or Shani.

What Is The Shani Grah?

According to Hindu mythology, Shani is the son of Surya Dev or the Sun God and Chaaya. As the name suggests, it is the slowest planet as it takes a time span of 2.5 years in each Raashi and completes a cycle in roundabout 30 years.

The Shani Grah is associated with the karma or destiny of people. It is said that Shani Devta keeps an eye on our deeds and depending on how we fare, he punishes or rewards us. As a matter of fact, Shani is the most feared planets as it has the power to turn a king into a beggar, just like it happened with the legendary King Vikramaditya.

What About Its Presence And Effects?

It is said that Shani Grah is most powerful when it is in the seventh house. The planet Saturn rules over Capricorn and Aquarius and is highly beneficial for sunsigns like Taurus and Libra. Shani wreaks havoc when it is either conjoined with other planets like Rahu, Ketu or Mangal.

A full Saturn cycle or Shani Grah is known to last for 7.5 years called Sade Satti which is further divided into three portions of 2.5 years each. In the first portion, Shani Devta takes control over the financial prosperity of a person. In the second portion, he causes destruction in the health and personal life of the person. Interestingly, in the third portion he is said to return all that he had earlier taken from the person and in double proportions if he has been enlightened during the entire cycle. One of the medical effects of the Shani Grah are diseases like arthritis, rheumatism, asthma or gout. As is obvious, it is tough to bear the brunt of the Saturn God.

What Are The Remedies?

There are a number of ways in which a person can plead for mercy and please the Shani Grah. Things like conducting the Shani Puja, Grah Shanti Puja or the Hanuman Puja can reduce the hardships. One could also recite the Hanuman Chalisa or the Shani Mantra 108 times every day. Some people have even benefitted from keeping fasts on Saturdays. Wearing a 14 mukhi Rudraksha or a blue sapphire helps in curbing the effects of the Shani Grah.

Simple rules to follow for placing Laughing Buddha

laughing-buddhaThe laughing Buddha also known as the Happy Man is regarded as one of the most auspicious Gods of wealth and a Feng Shui cure. It brings prosperity, success and financial gains to the house. However, the location of placing the Laughing Buddha is important. It has to be placed at a height of some 30” approximate and should be facing the main door directly.

The Laughing Buddha greets the energies that enter from the main gate and activates them manifold, and turns highly prosperous. If this location is not possible, the next best place to keep the Laughing Buddha is on a side table or a corner table, which is diagonally opposite to the main door and facing the door. It is not advisable to keep the Laughing Buddha in a bedroom or in the dining room. This God of wealth is not worshipped or prayed to, but just displayed and its presences is purely symbolic and auspicious. There are many forms of Laughing Buddha. Some are in standing position and some are in the sitting position. However using any form of Laughing Buddha, may it be having a bag behind him, may it be in the form of holding an ingot in his hands or may it be sitting on the bed of the coins and ingots, are all good and therefore advisable.

Divya Mantra presents a range of Aaradhi laughing Buddha showpieces in various forms and materials to reap the benefits of the knowledge of Feng Shui and the sparkling energy of the Happy Man for good luck, abundance, happiness, success, good health and everything good.

Effects of Saturn in Astrology

shani-saturn-graha-yantraThe planet Saturn is the most powerful planet in Astrology famous for its results. People get curious to know about the position and placement of the Saturn planet in their birth chart also many people are surprised by the effects and outstanding results of the gem stone blue sapphire so called Neelam.

The story behind the “neelam” is that if it suits a person then it changes the life of a person very soon giving him excellent results in his life but if it does not suit him or her then it can be extremely harmful in many ways to a person. Shani Graha Yantra if placed in 12th house in Tula lagna its very much beneficial in all terms due to the lord of 4th house and 5th house it gives high results and benefits in its Mahadashaantardasha and pratiantardasha.

Statues Of Buddha


Buddhism is one of the prevalent religions of the world. Hence, a figurine of Gautam Buddha can be seen in many places that we visit. Nowadays, people do not look into the significance of a specific posture of the Buddha before purchasing it. Hence, the statue fails to serve the intended purpose.

According to Buddhist mythology, Siddhartha Gautam renounced the monetary elements of the world and set out to find a solution to the suffering of the world. After strict penance and meditation, he was elevated to the level of Buddha. His teachings constitute the core of what the culture of Buddhism talks about. Today, statues depicting his greatness can be seen all throughout the world. His graceful postures along with the hand mudras are a source of peace.

Significance Of The Postures Of Buddha:

  • The statue that shows Buddha sitting cross-legged with his left hand on his lap and his right hand is raised and facing outwards is known as the Protecting Buddha. It is said that keeping this statue would help the surrounding people overcome their fears and struggles. It also signifies courage and protection from delusion or anger.
  • A figurine of Buddha that shows him in a meditative posture, sitting cross-legged with his hands on his lap and eyes closed is known the Meditating Buddha. People who look for peace and tranquility in their busy lives have benefitted from keeping this particular statue in their midst. It is also great for those who want to improve their meditating skills.
  • The Earth Calling Buddha is one in which he is sitting in a meditative posture with his left hand in his lap and his right hand pointing towards the ground. This posture is special because it is said to be the Moment of Enlightenment of Gautam Buddha. Success and hard work are signified with this statue and hence, it is advisable to keep it in the place of work.
  • The Nirvana Buddha represents him reclining before his death. This statue is meant for the elderly to help them with the transition of life to death.
  • The Teaching Buddha is when he is sitting cross-legged with his hands symbolizing the Wheel of Dharma. As teaching was an important part of his life, this statue is associated with good health and prosperity.

Placement Of The Buddha:

  • Buddha should never be placed on the floor or in the bathroom.
  • If the statue is kept in the bedroom, it should be placed inside a closed cabinet at all times.
  • When kept in the central area of a place, it should face the door.
  • Outdoor Buddha statues should always face the house.

The primary reason of placing a statue of Buddha is to bring in the healing power of positive energy into a household, hence it should be treated with respect.

Mahendipur Balaji

divya-mantra-lord-balajiPeople of the Hindu religion worship many Gods and follows various rituals related to the particular puja. One of the forms of Vishnu, Balaji or Venkateswara, is widely worshiped throughout the country. The story behind the worship of Balaji dates back to the Tirumala Sthala Purana, when a group of Rishis, performing certain rites could not answer for whose pleasure they were performing the rites. Sage Brigu, who was believed to have a third eye, went to the Satyaloka in search of the answer.

The placing of the idol and their various benefits are:

.   An idol of Mahendipur Balaji adds a spiritual touch to the home décor.

.  If a Vratham is performed with an idol of Mahendipur Balaji, it reduces bad Karma and increases good Karma. The prasadam of the Vratham need to be made of brown wheat rava.

.  An idol of Mahendipur Balaji is said to have divine power to cure a person with evil spirits.

.  The people with graha dashas can assimilate an idol of Mahendipur Balaji’s powers to protect themselves from any crisis, be it related to finance or health.

.  An idol of Mahendipur Balaji is said to relieve people with malignant spirits or spells or black magic, thus bringing peace in the house.

.  An idol of Mahendipur Balaji not only cures the sankat” but also provides “riddhi and siddhi to the family.

.  It is said that if any person is an atheist, on placing an idol of Mahendipur Balaji in his/her bedroom provides him knowledge about the believes in Gods and slowly and steadily makes him/her a theist.

.  An idol of Mahendipur Balaji , if placed in the bedroom or living room, the increase of karma is more prominent.

.  An idol of Mahendipur Balaji can be placed anywhere in the house to bring happiness, success and prosperity to your home.

.  An idol of Lord Mahendipur Balaji gives a positive energy and keeps away sorrow and pain and helps you revive yourself.

.  If an idol of Mahendipur Balaji is placed with other idols, it should be made sure that the idol is placed to the left of the female deities for better results.

.  If an idol of Mahendipur Balaji is fitted in a car facing the driver, it gives a serene feeling to the driver. It also protects you from any major accident. An idol of Mahendipur Balaji guides you throughout the way.

.  On placing an idol of Mahendipur Balaji in the car, it takes care against all the odds which are to come to the house. Even before the problem touches the members of the house, the idol diminishes it.

Thus, an idol of Mahendipur Balaji, along with adding a sense of spirituality in the house, keeps all evils away.


Mercury In Astrology


Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. It is small in mass and has weak gravitational force. Being close to sun makes it heated as well as cold. Hence the duality in nature. As Lord of Gemini Mercury is two faced – one being extremely independent and other extremely detached. Mercury is sexless neutral and cold planet.


Mercury- Budh in Hindi

Day – Wednesday

Father – Moon, Mother- Tara (daughter of Rishi Brahaspati)

Stays – 25 days in a Zodiac

Own sign – Gemini, Virgo

Takes 10 months to complete all Zodiac signs

Friendly Planets –Sun, Venus, Rahu

Enemy Planets- Moon

Rules – Arms, Legs, Nervous System

Colour – Fresh blade of grass

Stone – Emerald

Mercury is the planet of intelligence and communication in Astrology. It plays a very important role in financial status of a person. Also people having very good mercury are very much talented and they usually take quick decisions. Those students who want to pursue a career in finance,chartered accountancy, company secretary or a career in media should have well placed Mercury in their kundali.