Mercury In Astrology


Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. It is small in mass and has weak gravitational force. Being close to sun makes it heated as well as cold. Hence the duality in nature. As Lord of Gemini Mercury is two faced – one being extremely independent and other extremely detached. Mercury is sexless neutral and cold planet.


Mercury- Budh in Hindi

Day – Wednesday

Father – Moon, Mother- Tara (daughter of Rishi Brahaspati)

Stays – 25 days in a Zodiac

Own sign – Gemini, Virgo

Takes 10 months to complete all Zodiac signs

Friendly Planets –Sun, Venus, Rahu

Enemy Planets- Moon

Rules – Arms, Legs, Nervous System

Colour – Fresh blade of grass

Stone – Emerald

Mercury is the planet of intelligence and communication in Astrology. It plays a very important role in financial status of a person. Also people having very good mercury are very much talented and they usually take quick decisions. Those students who want to pursue a career in finance,chartered accountancy, company secretary or a career in media should have well placed Mercury in their kundali.



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