Mahendipur Balaji

divya-mantra-lord-balajiPeople of the Hindu religion worship many Gods and follows various rituals related to the particular puja. One of the forms of Vishnu, Balaji or Venkateswara, is widely worshiped throughout the country. The story behind the worship of Balaji dates back to the Tirumala Sthala Purana, when a group of Rishis, performing certain rites could not answer for whose pleasure they were performing the rites. Sage Brigu, who was believed to have a third eye, went to the Satyaloka in search of the answer.

The placing of the idol and their various benefits are:

.   An idol of Mahendipur Balaji adds a spiritual touch to the home décor.

.  If a Vratham is performed with an idol of Mahendipur Balaji, it reduces bad Karma and increases good Karma. The prasadam of the Vratham need to be made of brown wheat rava.

.  An idol of Mahendipur Balaji is said to have divine power to cure a person with evil spirits.

.  The people with graha dashas can assimilate an idol of Mahendipur Balaji’s powers to protect themselves from any crisis, be it related to finance or health.

.  An idol of Mahendipur Balaji is said to relieve people with malignant spirits or spells or black magic, thus bringing peace in the house.

.  An idol of Mahendipur Balaji not only cures the sankat” but also provides “riddhi and siddhi to the family.

.  It is said that if any person is an atheist, on placing an idol of Mahendipur Balaji in his/her bedroom provides him knowledge about the believes in Gods and slowly and steadily makes him/her a theist.

.  An idol of Mahendipur Balaji , if placed in the bedroom or living room, the increase of karma is more prominent.

.  An idol of Mahendipur Balaji can be placed anywhere in the house to bring happiness, success and prosperity to your home.

.  An idol of Lord Mahendipur Balaji gives a positive energy and keeps away sorrow and pain and helps you revive yourself.

.  If an idol of Mahendipur Balaji is placed with other idols, it should be made sure that the idol is placed to the left of the female deities for better results.

.  If an idol of Mahendipur Balaji is fitted in a car facing the driver, it gives a serene feeling to the driver. It also protects you from any major accident. An idol of Mahendipur Balaji guides you throughout the way.

.  On placing an idol of Mahendipur Balaji in the car, it takes care against all the odds which are to come to the house. Even before the problem touches the members of the house, the idol diminishes it.

Thus, an idol of Mahendipur Balaji, along with adding a sense of spirituality in the house, keeps all evils away.



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