Spiritual Car Accessories


  1. Divyamantra offers a wide range of Spiritual car accessories like car hangings, keychains (key rings) and dashboard accessories from spiritual, feng shui, bells, Tibetan, evil eye, prayer flags; and many more categories each one having a unique importance.
  2. Spiritual car mirror hangings of Ganesha, Panchmukhi Hanuman, Laxmi, Durga, Gautam Buddha etc. comes in a convenient size and shape. It is believed to form a spiritual coating with blessings while traveling and gives safety by all way.
  3. In the Tibetan car accessories product range, Divya Mantra offers Tibetan car hangings, bells and prayer flags inscribed with Tibetan “Om Mani Padme Hum or Hung” mantra . The 5 colors of prayer flags represent the 5 basic elements like earth, water, fire, air and space. Prayer flags moving in the wind generate a natural positive energy.
  4. Tibetan Feng Shui Bell Car / Wall Hangings are made of zinc.and believed to offer protection from threats and other negative energies.
  5. Feng Shui Wu Lou Gourd hangings are made from finest quality material is believed to bring good fortune and protects from evil influences.
  6. Feng Shui Lucky Coins Hanging made from zinc and tied in a red ribbon to empower its energy symbolizes fortune and good luck.
  7. Tibetan Hangings with a mini Prayer Wheel serves as an ancient and mystical practice that has long been popular with Buddhists for its ability to bless the environment, spread spiritual blessings and well-being, transform bad luck to good luck, promote healing, increase compassion and assist practitioners on their journeys to enlightenment.
  8. Divya Mantra also offers Laxmi Ganesh Car Dashboard showpieces and stickers. As per hinduism, Laxmi Ganesha bring financial health, material prosperity, knowledge and helps in concentration.
  9. Wide range of Feng Shui evil eye car hanging and keychains are available on Divyamantra. As per belief, the blue evil eye is the most common form of cure to ward off the evil eye / buri nazar and brings good omen and good luck.
  10. Wide range of feng shui keychains are available which helps in wealth and fortune luck as per feng shui.
  11. The feng shui bells used as car hanging helps in meditation and removes mental stress and helps restoring the soul. The tinkling sound helps to connect with the inner soul and helps to relax and remove stress.
  12. Dream Catcher car hangings are made from cotton and feathers and are believed to trap bad omen and negative energy in its web and filter and send only good positive energy through the small center of the circle.
  13. Suncatcher Car Hangings has crystal ball spheres which produces display of rainbows in the car. As per Feng Shui, crystal suncatcher adds new energy and filters off bad energy which balances the flow of energy.

Swastik Om Trishul Trishakti Yantra

divyamantra-swastik-om-trishul-trishakti-yantraTrishula is one of the weapon of Lord Shiva. As per Hindu mythology, it is said that the Trishakti Trishul Yantra which has Hindu symbols of Om and Swastik in Trishul is wielded by Lord Shiva. As like Lord Shiva, other deities Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga also hold Trishula as a weapon with other weapons. The three points of this Trishula represents three trinities i.e. Creation, Maintenance and Destruction. This yantra is worshipped and is one of the best tool known for the removal of vastu dosha or defects in vastu of a place. Trishakti Yantra is a combination of three symbols –Swastika, Om and Trishula. Each symbol has an unique significance. The trishula plays a important role in human body, it represents the place where the three main nadi meet at the eyebrows or which we called energy center or dhyan bindu.

As per belief, it is said that Trishul protects from mental imbalance and helps in meditating mind. It comes with blessings of all deities and removes negativity.

Placing this yantra above the main door is believed to protect home from negative energy entering the house and spreads positive atmosphere.

Swastik is known for good fortune and well being. it is a sacred symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Om is one of the spiritual symbol provides the positive vibration around you and your family. Om symbol refers to soul and ultimate reality, entirety of the universe, truth, divine, supreme spirit, cosmic principles, knowledge.

The Trishakti Yantras sold on Divyamantra.com are made from pure brass. It is polished by golden color. For hanging the yantra, a hook is provided on the top of the yantra. It can be placed inside or outside the main door, or you can place it in pooja room, office or temples for worship.

Shani Mangal Yoga – The Dangerous Yuti in Astrology

Shani Mangal yoga is known as the most powerful and dangerous yoga in astrology.If this yuti or combination of the two planets is placed in horoscope in any house it indicates that the person may face some problems in career, health issues or any type of accident

1_shani-mangal-yuti-170x170If this yuti is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house then its forces are even more powerful. People having such type of yoga should be very much careful while driving the car or bike and they should avoid rash driving.

A full Saturn cycle or Shani Grah is known to last for 7.5 years called Sade Satti which is further divided into three portions of 2.5 years each. In the first portion, Shani Devta takes control over the financial prosperity of a person. In the second portion, he causes destruction in the health and personal life of the person. Interestingly, in the third portion he is said to return all that he had earlier taken from the person and in double proportions if he has been enlightened during the entire cycle. One of the medical effects of the Shani Grah are diseases like arthritis, rheumatism, asthma or gout. As is obvious, it is tough to bear the brunt of the Saturn God.

Blue Aventurine Gemstone Necklace

Blue Aventurine combines the elements of wind and water in a gentle stone. Its name is derived from the Italian word ‘aventure’, which means ‘by chance’. Blue Aventurine refers to the Italian glass which was produced when a worker accidently dropped metal fillings into a vat of melting glass. When cooled, the result was pleasing with its randomly spaced sparkles, and since then, it was used to make jewelry. The name ‘Aventura’ was later given to the natural stone which looked like the industrial product.

divya-mantra-blue-aventurine-gemstone-necklaceIt is used in various forms for metaphysical purposes, jewelry, vases, bowls and figurines, landscaping stone, building stone and monuments.

The benefits of a blue Aventurine Gemstone Necklace are:

.           A blue Aventurine Gemstone Necklace resonates from the mind to the heart, making a person work calmly, rationally and steadily.

.           A blue Aventurine Gemstone enhances the masculine nature in both males and females.

.           Aventurine Gemstone is a stone of self discipline and inner strength. It helps one to maintain balance in life. It does not allow one to spend money carelessly and uselessly.

.           A blue Aventurine Necklace promotes one to take full responsibility of one’s life, relationships and experiences, while lending support needed empower changes.

.           A Gemstone Necklace helps one to open to higher spiritual guidance and revealing psychic abilities that may previously have been blocked.

.           In a relationship, a blue Aventurine Gemstone mala encourages one to open up and have honest communication and to speak up ones heart and mind.

.           A blue Aventurine mala helps one to honour peace and aids in increasing the feeling of care for others.

.           A blue Aventurine crystal also embodies strength to face the realms of the outer world.

.           A Necklace is beneficial in overcoming bad habits, such as smoking, overheating and substance abuse. It also helps in dissolving ones negative traits, such as selfishness and aggression.

.           For those who never seem to grow up, a blue Aventurine Gemstone helps them by discover that one really can handle one’s own life and that the fruits of adulthood are much sweeter than their youth.

.           A Gemstone mala imbibes the qualities of leadership in a person. One can take leads in any project or work related stuffs and prosper in them.

.           In competitions of sports, one can wear a blue Aventurine crystal for calm and focused performance.

.           This ameliorates pain and chronic stiffness and may help in lessening muscle twitches.

.           The upper chakras of one’s life can be resonated with the help of a blue Aventurine stone.

.           If ones innate powers and sensitivities have been blocked by inner harmony, a stone assists in opening them.

.           A stone Necklace helps one to trust people who are worthy of their trust, thus gaining their self confidence.

With such improbable properties to resonate everything from the mind to the heart, a blue Aventurine Gemstone is one of the boons presented by Earth to the entire human race.

black agate gemstone necklace

One of the most important and commonly worn gemstones is the agate. Along with its astrological benefits, it offers various health cures too. Agate got its name from the Achates River in Greece. Agate is a variety of micro crystalline quartz. There are many types of agates in different colours and their individual combinations. One of them is the black agate.

divyamantra-black-agate-gemstone-necklaceIt was used by the ancients on the breast plates of armor to give warriors strength and make them victorious in the battles. It is considered to give strength in both battle and physically. It was also placed in water for cooking or drinking to dispel sickness.

The benefits of a black agate gemstone necklace are:

.           A black agate gemstone necklace has the properties of courage. It increases courage of a coward person to face all difficulties in life.

.           A black agate gemstone mala protects one from various evil and negative energies.

.           A black agate necklace helps in calming down the mind and reduces anger in a person.

.           A gemstone necklace enhances strength.

.           A black agate mala enhances creativity and strengthens ones intellect, making it a beneficial necklace for students and artists.

.           A gemstone mala is said to increases longetivity of one’s life.

.           A black agate stone gives self-confidence to face the outer world and dispels fear.

.           A black agate stone necklace eases anxiety related to work stress or studies.

.           A stone necklace when placed on the third solar Plexus Chakra, helps in accepting ones emotions for the other.

.           A black agate gemstone jewelry helps in removing and releasing resentments and bitterness.

.           The female counterpart in a couple can wear a black agate jewelry to better their relationship status. There would be less of fights and quarrels between them.

.           A black agate crystal can cleanse or stabilize the aura by removing all negative energies.

.           A black agate necklace aids in overcoming flaws and loneliness in one. One gets the energy to make new friends and get back old friends.

.           If a couple has fertility disorders, the woman counterpart can wear a black agate crystal to encourage fertility.

.           A black agate gemstone necklace is beneficial for bone marrow and allergies.

.           A black agate gemstone necklace is an excellent aid after menopause.

.           A black agate gemstone necklace is also helpful in reducing the risks of breast cancer.

.           If a woman expecting a baby wears a black agate gemstone necklace throughout the gestation period, it ensures a healthy life for the coming baby.

.           A necklace attracts good fortune for the house by eliminating bad luck.

.           A black agate gemstone mala helps to keep the body in balance, especially as one ages.

A black agate gemstone necklace brings emotional peace, calmness and balance into a person’s life. With such implausible properties to ease the nervous system and calming the mind, a black agate gemstone is one of the boons presented by Earth to the entire human race.

Carnelian Gemstone Mala

The Carnelian gemstone is an orange colored variety of Chalcedony, which is again another member of the Quartz family. Its color ranges from pinkish orange to a deep rusty brown. Its name comes from a Latin word which means “flesh”.

divya-mantra-carnelian-gemstone-necklaceSince ancient times, Carnelian is believed to help timid speakers to become eloquent and bold orators. Ancient warriors wore Carnelian Gemstone necklace around their neck for courage and physical power to conquer their enemies. In Egypt, it was worn by architects to show their rank as a builder. Alchemists in the middle Ages used it as boiling stone to activate the energies of the other Chalcedones. The ancient Egyptians considered this stone to activate male energy and were traditionally worn to enhance passion, love and desire.

The benefits of a Carnelian Gemstone Necklace are:

.           A Carnelian Gemstone Necklace stands as a stone of motivation and endurance. One who has lack of motivation regarding the realms of live can wear it to gain courage and motivation to lead one’s life.

.           Couples having random quarrels can wear a Carnelian Gemstone Necklace to restore the happiness and contentment in ones relationship. It helps in rekindling passions that might have faded in an otherwise loving relationship.

.           A Carnelian Gemstone Necklace is an excellent aid for training, coordination of physical exercise programs and for balancing body energy levels.

.           People having appetite problems can wear a Carnelian Gemstone Necklace to stimulate it.

.           A Carnelian Gemstone Necklace aids architects, builders and construction workers in their creation of buildings.

.           In athletes and military personnel, a Carnelian Gemstone Necklace accentuates power and stamina.

.           A Carnelian Gemstone is said to attract prosperity, new sources of ventures and good luck. It increases finance at home. It is a talisman for success in any financial venture. In the workplace, it can act as crystals of ambition and determination and wards off unnecessary pressure and expectations.

.           Singers can wear a Carnelian Gemstone Necklace during their stage performance as it clarifies the voice. It also promotes confidence for performance on stage or in live media.

.           If a member of the family wears a Carnelian Gemstone Mala, it tends to guard the home from theft, fire, storm, or accidents.

.           A Carnelian Gemstone Necklace lends courage to help overcome difficulties and defend a cause.

.           A Carnelian Gemstone is an important stone linked with conceiving a child.

.           A Carnelian Gemstone stimulates metabolism in the body and ensures good supply of blood to the organs and tissues. It also aids in, menstrual cycles and menopausal symptoms.

.           A Carnelian Gemstone Mala helps one to benefit the absorption of vitamins, nutrients and minerals into the body.

.           A Carnelian Gemstone Necklace improves concentration in students and removes extraneous thoughts in day dreamers and during meditation.

.           A Carnelian Gemstone alleviates jealousy and possessiveness in relationships.

.           A Carnelian Gemstone tends to stimulate the Sacral Chakra in one’s life.

With such implausible properties of motivation and accentuating power in architects and masons, a Carnelian Gemstone is one of the boons presented by Earth to the entire human race.


Amethyst Gemstone Necklace

divya-mantra-amethyst-gemstone-necklaceAn Amethyst gemstone is one of the rarest forms of quartz and is the most popular form in the world. It has six sides and is a fairly hard gem. It is mainly purple in color due to the presence of Manganese. Since ages, the purple, lilac and lavender amethyst gems have been associated with royalty. Amethyst was initially used as gemstone by the Egyptians, when the Greeks analyzed the medicinal benefits against intoxication. The crystals have been mainly used for improving health conditions, ranging from alcohol addiction to sleep disorders to mental illness.

An amethyst gemstone necklace can be worn by anyone on any day. It’s up to the person if he/ she want to wear it on any auspicious day.

The benefits of an amethyst gemstone necklace are:

.           The naturally occurring magnetic fields from an amethyst gemstone necklace produce favorable results in the body. It helps in exchanging body energy.

.           An amethyst gemstone necklace generates far infrared radiation known to support cell growth and regeneration. These radiations may correspondingly increase energy levels in the body. This possibly aid in whole body growth.

.           If anyone has sleep disorders can wear an amethyst gemstone necklace as the low level of heat radiated from the gems provides a sense of calm and thus affect the sleep cycle.

.           People having heart diseases need to take an amethyst gemstone necklace as the radiation from the gems contribute to blood circulation. This also increases the flexibility of blood vessels and supports the regulation of fluid transportation.

.           If someone has the problem of mood swings which eventually leads to depression, can place an amethyst gemstone necklace below the pillow before sleep. This has a significant role in overall life satisfaction.

.           An amethyst gemstone necklace can help in increasing the glow in the face as these gems have anti oxidizing property.

.           Wearing an amethyst gemstone necklace promotes fast recovery from wounds or injuries.

.           An amethyst gemstone necklace helps in releasing out of toxic particles in one’s body.

.           An amethyst gemstone necklace aids in respiration by removing the toxic particles.

.           An amethyst gemstone necklace should be worn by people born in the month of February as it’s their birthstone.

.           An amethyst gemstone necklace helps in converting the negative energies into positive energies and protects the wearer from Psychic attacks.

.           An amethyst gemstone necklace signifies true love and faithfulness. It can be presented as a wedding anniversary gift for the 4th or 6th year of marriage for maintaining healthy relationships.

.           An amethyst gemstone necklace helps in meditating and enhancing the meditative quality of a person.

.           An amethyst gemstone necklace can find its use as a cure to stomach pain and back ache.

.           An amethyst gemstone necklace helps in balancing the chakras of one’s life and awakening of the Kundalini.

.           If someone has the problem of inferiority complex, an amethyst gemstone necklace can be worn by her to resolve the issue.

With such implausible properties to ease the nervous system and calming the mind, Amethyst Gemstone Guru Bead Meditation Mala is one of the boons presented by Earth to the entire human race.


palmistryIt is distinct quality of uniqueness that has withstood the test of time. A deep study of the palm, its shape, depth, position of the mounts, direction of the lines and combination with marks helps us discover our character and talents. It is the map of our life, a sort of alphabet of hands. In many parts of the world still today palmistry is used combined with astrology to predict the future.

The fingers are the mobile section and consist of phalanges, nails and palmer patterns. These are examined for their form, texture, color and flexibility. The thumb is considered an entity and analyzed separately. All these give us information about our personality, talents and a peek at our future.

The lines on our hands do not change through our lives but their general appearance remain the same. We don’t notice these changes because they are gradual and often very small. The hand will not give you a reliable indication of how long someone may live. It just indicates the type of life journey which the person is having. Their own actions and values will affect the results they get and the degree of happiness and success they attain.

Palm reader refer to the small padded areas in palm as Mounts and each has a traditional name associated with the planets of our solar system. The mounts vary in the degree of definition and you can give them each a value relevant to the attribute which is assigned to that mount according to the prominence of that particular mount in that person’s hand. If you are not confident that you can decide whether a particular mount is at a medium or elevated level, gently press each mount to get a better idea of its elevation above the surface of the palm.

Palmistry will also let you check the consistency of that particular mount. When a mount is soft or sponge like, the person probably has less of the attribute attached to that mount.

Coral Gemstone Necklace

divya-mantra-coral-gemstone-necklaceThe Coral gemstone relates to the relentless planet Mars. There are many benefits of corals, but it can also be negative if it doesn’t suit you. If someone’s amygdala is not working correctly or if one experiences problem related to rashness, anger, being suspicious, or being fearful, then the coral stone can be of help in such cases. There are four types of corals- yellow, black, white and red. People who have a deficiency of phosphorus, calcium, or anti oxidants should wear coral necklace. If Mars is ones main planet, then wearing coral stones will be helpful. If Mars dwells at positive houses in person birth-chart, it offers immense benefits to its wearer.

The best optimal day to purchase a coral necklace is Tuesday during the Shukla Paksha. However, if not possible, then it should be bought on a Sunday. In order to wear the necklace in an appropriate manner, a person should sit facing the east direction.

The benefits of a coral necklace are:

.           A coral necklace ensures victory over enemies and adversaries. It also gives the necessary courage to overcome obstacles and enemies and ensures victory for the individual.

.           A coral necklace benefits in overcoming procrastination and laziness and gives the impetus and the individual to take tasks to their conclusion.

.           A coral necklace impacts mental health. It helps in overcoming symptoms of listlessness and mental depression. It provides energy, vigor and hope. It boosts up self esteem too.

.           Miraculous effects of healing are other benefits of a coral necklace. It helps in eruptions of the face, boils, acne, skin ailments by purifying the blood. It also has the property of guarding and protecting against cuts, wounds, bruises and injuries.

.           Person who have adverse position of Mars in the horoscope leading to temperamental issues, anger problems, and lack of patience find a suitable improvement in these conditions after wearing a coral necklace .

.           Those who have Manglik dosha in their horoscope leading to challenges in interpersonal relationships should wear a coral necklace. If suitable, one can expect benefits from it, especially in the relationship sector.

.           Individuals in professions such as army, armed forces, police, doctors, chemicals, weapon manufacture or business, scientists, realty business find a coral necklace to be especially effective and beneficial.

.           A coral necklace provides strong protection against evil eye, hexing and black magic.

.           Those people who are in considerable debt should wear a coral necklace. Mars help in debt repayment.

.           A coral necklace represents Mangalya Balam, strength of marriage and long life of the spouse. It protects women from widowhood.

.           A coral necklace disciples the anger, dominance, cruel nature and enhance self-confidence in a person.

With such incredible properties to protect and calming the mind and healing, a coral gemstone necklace is one of the boons presented by Earth to the entire human race.