palmistryIt is distinct quality of uniqueness that has withstood the test of time. A deep study of the palm, its shape, depth, position of the mounts, direction of the lines and combination with marks helps us discover our character and talents. It is the map of our life, a sort of alphabet of hands. In many parts of the world still today palmistry is used combined with astrology to predict the future.

The fingers are the mobile section and consist of phalanges, nails and palmer patterns. These are examined for their form, texture, color and flexibility. The thumb is considered an entity and analyzed separately. All these give us information about our personality, talents and a peek at our future.

The lines on our hands do not change through our lives but their general appearance remain the same. We don’t notice these changes because they are gradual and often very small. The hand will not give you a reliable indication of how long someone may live. It just indicates the type of life journey which the person is having. Their own actions and values will affect the results they get and the degree of happiness and success they attain.

Palm reader refer to the small padded areas in palm as Mounts and each has a traditional name associated with the planets of our solar system. The mounts vary in the degree of definition and you can give them each a value relevant to the attribute which is assigned to that mount according to the prominence of that particular mount in that person’s hand. If you are not confident that you can decide whether a particular mount is at a medium or elevated level, gently press each mount to get a better idea of its elevation above the surface of the palm.

Palmistry will also let you check the consistency of that particular mount. When a mount is soft or sponge like, the person probably has less of the attribute attached to that mount.


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