Shani Mangal Yoga – The Dangerous Yuti in Astrology

Shani Mangal yoga is known as the most powerful and dangerous yoga in astrology.If this yuti or combination of the two planets is placed in horoscope in any house it indicates that the person may face some problems in career, health issues or any type of accident

1_shani-mangal-yuti-170x170If this yuti is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house then its forces are even more powerful. People having such type of yoga should be very much careful while driving the car or bike and they should avoid rash driving.

A full Saturn cycle or Shani Grah is known to last for 7.5 years called Sade Satti which is further divided into three portions of 2.5 years each. In the first portion, Shani Devta takes control over the financial prosperity of a person. In the second portion, he causes destruction in the health and personal life of the person. Interestingly, in the third portion he is said to return all that he had earlier taken from the person and in double proportions if he has been enlightened during the entire cycle. One of the medical effects of the Shani Grah are diseases like arthritis, rheumatism, asthma or gout. As is obvious, it is tough to bear the brunt of the Saturn God.


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