Rudraksha Coin Wind Chime

Divya Mantra Feng Shui Rudraksha Coin Wind ChimeFeng Shui Rudraksha Coin Wind Chime activate favorable energy or Sheng Chi and bring good fortune into any environment! Feng Shui literally means “wind and water”, the two fundamental elements of life. The sound of wind chimes, like the flow of water, brings the energy of good Chi into our awareness. This gentle sound corrects the negative effects of traffic sounds, harsh noise, and dull noise, and brings balance into our environment. Rudraksha Coin Wind Chime are an excellent source of enhancing good luck in the house. The number of rods in a wind chime and the material by which a windchime is made are important.

Feng Shui Rudraksha Coin Wind Chime can be placed in a veranda, patio, garden, long window and also in kitchen space. The traditional use of wind chimes was to fend off animals but nowadays they are used as soothing musical tools and as a good luck charm. The vibrations and soft musical notes of wind chimes helps to relax, soothe your nerves and remove stress. This soothing tinkling sound of the wind chimes helps to connect with the inner soul to find peace. In Feng Shui, the sound of wind chime is used to cure mental stress and is believed to help in restoring the soul. Metal wind chimes should be placed in North, Northwest or West side of the house whereas the wooden wind chimes should be placed in South, Southeast and East side.

How To Place Rudraksha Coin Wind Chime :

  • Place Feng Shui Rudraksha Coin Wind Chime by the door or window to take advantage of breeze.
  • Place it the relatively darker section of the house to enhance the Chi.
  • The best place to hang a six-rod windchime is in the North-east corner of your living room, since the governing element of this corner is metal and wind chimes are symbolic of metal. They are used to enhance good luck and also to reduce bad luck.
  • Hanging a Feng Shui Wind Chime near the entrance to your home is a very easy and effective way to attract wealth.
  • Place It the furthest back left corner of your home or property as you stand looking at it from the street or where you enter your home.
  • Place Wind Chime in main living area. As you face the entrance to your main living room, it is the most immediate left upper corner of the room.
  • Placing a wind chime in a bathroom prevents wealth and aspirations from being drained away.
  • Placing a Feng Shui Rudraksha Coin Wind Chime at the end of an upper stairway prevents wealth from rushing down towards your main door downstairs.

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