Placement Of Feng Shui Rooster

In China and Japan Rooster is very popular and is believed that the Rooster spirit chases away the evil. It is the assigned as the mascot for civil responsibility, courage, confidence, kindness, and marital fidelity by the Chinese and is considered as the symbol of constancy and punctuality. Feug Shui Practioners used to paint a Rooster on their house to protect it from fire and demons and is considered as the lucky emblem.

DVYM0003305(2)-800x800We live in a society where our success creates many secret haters. We never know who our well wishers are and who are hoping for our defeat and failure. By placing a well designed  Feng Shui Rooster in your home or work place we can avoid the threat from our competitors, will not be affected because of the dirty politics played by others and most importantly we save ourselves from backstabbing and jealousy. A rooster stands firm and tall with confidence and its tail reflects masculinity.

Placement  Of  Feng Shui  Rooster

  • If the Feng Shui Rooster is placed in the business place then it should be facing the main entrance of the office so that the evil energies will not enter the shop and it will keep away the competitors.
  • By placing it in the living room of the house helps for the peace among the people in the house and keeps them away from negative energies.
  • If the children are suffering from parasitic worms of the stomach then place it in their bedroom because it is the only animal with an ability to eat a centipede.
  • The rooster should be placed facing the entrance door of business to ward off evil energies and keeping competitors away.
  • For fame and good luck the rooster should be placed on the south corner of the living room.

When a Rooster is placed in a house the mind, body, and spirit of the people around it can be improved to a greater extent and it brings in good luck and fame. Placing a Rooster in your home doesn’t allow the third parties to interfere in your relations.


Elephant Blue Evil Eye and Shubh Labh Wall Hanging

17jul5This Evil Eye protection with the traditional good fortune symbol horse is a feng shui and ancient cure for warding off the evil eye. Used as a hanging on wall or in vehicles, it is believed to provide protection against evil influences.
The religious handcrafted shubh labh in Elephant shaped door hanging is made from wood and fabric colors. It has hanging clip provided on the back of elephant so its easy to hang it on wall or temple. It can be a religious gifts for your dear ones.

Key Features –

· This combo pack includes: (1) Divya Mantra Evil Eye With 5 Elephants Wall Decorative – 6.5 x 19.5 cm  and (2) Elephant shaped Shubh Labh Hanging – 10.5 x 8.5 cm.

· Elephant shubh labh door hanging made from wood and fabric colors.

· It has hanging clip provided on the back of elephant so its easy to hang it on wall or temple. It can be a religious good luck gifts for your dear ones.

· Feng Shui Evil Eye Hanging made from polyresin and glass. s per feng shui, this blue evil eye with horse shoe is ancient cure for warding off the evil eye.

· Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.

Feng Shui Green Health Balls

14jul1Chinese Health Iron Balls have long been famed as one of the “three treasures” of Baoding, China. Also known as the ‘Baoding Balls’, iron balls have been used by both the emperors and ordinary people. These are a pair of gorgeous Chinese Health Iron Balls decorated with symbols of Yin Yang. Exercise with them in your palm and these balls will produce therapeutic chimes to soothe the mind and spirit. Exercising with Chinese health balls is intended to restore energy and blood flow to the brain, muscle, and bones, and as a result, improve overall health and ultimately prolong life.

Chinese Health Iron Balls are usually used for exercise and meditation, but are also good when employed for medical reasons. To use them for exercise, place two health balls within your palm then rotate them clockwise and counterclockwise. Gravity will help you keep on controlling the balls. There are many exercises possible.

Benefits of Chinese Health Balls:

  • Chinese medical theory claims that by using the Yin Yang Health Balls, the various acupuncture points in the palm will be stimulated, which in turn enhances the flow of energy of chi throughout the entire body. It is believed that by exercising daily with the Chinese Health Balls can assist with healing.
  • The purpose of exercising with Chinese health balls is to obtain and maintain a state of optimum health through the stimulation of acupuncture or reflex points in the body.
  • When force of the flow of health balls throughout the body, it promotes healing and rejuvenation, helps prevent heart and lung disease, strengthens the cardiovascular system, makes the body resistant to injury, cures insomnia and promotes clarity as well as concentration and memory.
  • The heat that is released from the Feng Shui balls promotes circulation and has a calming effect on the nervous system.
  • Feng Shui Health balls are easy to use, though they might seem a bit awkward at first.

Copper Bowl

Pujas and rituals are an integral part of every Hindu family. It’s almost every week that a deity is prayed in the religion. Also, the Hindus follow their religion like all other communities, very strictly and with great pomp and purity. Hinduism, which is considered as the oldest of all religions have always been well accepted and practiced in India.

DVYM0004767(2)-800x800Over the years, the Hindus of the society have been able to keep on with the beliefs and the rituals that have been followed since the early days. One of the most significant and important thing in any religious ritual is the copper bowl. The bowls are used for various needs in the religious festivals. Right from serving the offering to the deities, to using them to carry Ganga water, they are widely used.

Here are some of the reasons on why Copper is preferred in the religious activities. These facts might surely get you by surprise!

Copper metals are widely used in the religious customs of the Hindus, as copper is a single metal and unlike most others, it is not an alloy. It is believed from ancient times, that the metals that are not pure or are alloys, must not be used in case of the religious and the ritual offerings. Thus, this is one of the most fundamental reasons on why Copper is used for the religious offering and rituals for the Hindus.

Apart from Copper, there are other pure metals like gold and silver which can be used, but they are costlier than copper and hence, people love to have their offerings done in the copper utensils, which are way in their reach and is also as per the need of the custom.

Apart from the religious beliefs and the conventions, science too has its own role to play it is said that copper utensils help in improving the immunity system and also help in blood circulation.

These are some of the reasons for which the copper utensils are used in the religious customs and festivals of the Hindus.

Feng Shui Owl for Protection

7jul1The owl is a symbol of the wisdom, knowledge and the dispersing of the ignorance darkness. It’s used for the learning activation and the scientific employee capability increasing. It’s help the owner to provide the future and to see everything in the other people eyes. The most of the people investigating the Feng Shui mystic, thinks that the Owl creates “an wealth energy field”, which the owner is feeling the internal comfort inside and can successfully developed in the selected direction.

Owls have been feared and venerated, despised and admired, considered wise and foolish, associated with witchcraft, the weather, birth and death. Few other creatures have so many contradictory beliefs about them.

Placement Of Feng Shui Colourful Owl:

  • Place the owl exactly where you want increased money circulation, you need to check the Bagua chart for your blueprints and get the exact positioning of your entrance doors.
  • Place feng shui owl on your cash register, near your accounting books or on your desk. Put it in your waiting room to attract clients.
  • Place your owl anywhere in your particular space where you want to create positive energy, protection from evil, an increase in wisdom, luck and money circulation.
  • Your owl can be placed in any area of the home based on the traditional Feng Shui home floor plan or Bagua as it is typically called.
  • Place owl in the family as a strong protector against harm and  evil spirits.
  • Placed owl in home to bring the good luck and prosperity in your hone
  • Owl immediately attract tons of money circulation and increased wealth to itself!

The owl is a very powerful symbol of the richness. He advantages the personal growth, so important as the financial prosperity, encourage the mental capacities, help the knowledge accumulation. It’s an perfect gift for the people of the sciences, students and the big company managers. Put the owl in the center of the Career section or in the Child section. It’s nice to have this figure on the working place, if your work is very responsible and intensive. It’s very good for the children if it’s installed on the school desk.