Placement Of Feng Shui Rooster

In China and Japan Rooster is very popular and is believed that the Rooster spirit chases away the evil. It is the assigned as the mascot for civil responsibility, courage, confidence, kindness, and marital fidelity by the Chinese and is considered as the symbol of constancy and punctuality. Feug Shui Practioners used to paint a Rooster on their house to protect it from fire and demons and is considered as the lucky emblem.

DVYM0003305(2)-800x800We live in a society where our success creates many secret haters. We never know who our well wishers are and who are hoping for our defeat and failure. By placing a well designed  Feng Shui Rooster in your home or work place we can avoid the threat from our competitors, will not be affected because of the dirty politics played by others and most importantly we save ourselves from backstabbing and jealousy. A rooster stands firm and tall with confidence and its tail reflects masculinity.

Placement  Of  Feng Shui  Rooster

  • If the Feng Shui Rooster is placed in the business place then it should be facing the main entrance of the office so that the evil energies will not enter the shop and it will keep away the competitors.
  • By placing it in the living room of the house helps for the peace among the people in the house and keeps them away from negative energies.
  • If the children are suffering from parasitic worms of the stomach then place it in their bedroom because it is the only animal with an ability to eat a centipede.
  • The rooster should be placed facing the entrance door of business to ward off evil energies and keeping competitors away.
  • For fame and good luck the rooster should be placed on the south corner of the living room.

When a Rooster is placed in a house the mind, body, and spirit of the people around it can be improved to a greater extent and it brings in good luck and fame. Placing a Rooster in your home doesn’t allow the third parties to interfere in your relations.


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